Converting Numbers Seen Text By Excel to Real Numbers

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Converting Numbers Seen Text By Excel to Real Numbers


One very common problem that can occur within Excel when you import data from another source is the imported numbers are converted to text. Fortunately this problem is a simple one to solve.

  • Copy Clean Blank Cell And Then Go Back To The Sheet Containing Your Imported Data.
  • Push F5 (To Display The Go To Dialog) And Click Special Then Check Constants And Click OK.
  • While All Your Data Is Selected Go To Edit>Paste Special Then Check The Multiply Or Add Option And Click OK.

All the text numbers will now be forced to convert to real numbers.

If you have the problem where there are formula cells on you sheet that have somehow been converted to text you will see the formula in the cell as apposed to the result. The above method won't work on formula cells, so here is a very simple approach.

  • Highlight The Problem Text Cells And Format Them As General, Or Any Needed Formatted Other Than Text.
  • Push Ctrl+H (To Display The Replace Dialog) Type An = (Equal Sign) In The Find What: Box.
  • Type Another = (Equal Sign) In The Replace With: Box And Then Click The Replace All Button.

All your problem formula cells should now be showing the result as opposed to the formula. This is because the format of the cells in no longer Text and replacing the equal sign with another equal sign forces the formulas to recalculate.


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