How to use VBA code to reference cell to another sheet

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How to user VBA code to reference cell to another sheet




Public Sub Counter() 
Dim Col As Long
Dim Row As Long

With ActiveSheet.Shapes(Application.Caller)
Row = 5
Col = 6
End With

With Cells(Row, Col)
.Value = .Value + 1
End With
End Sub

The code you see above is to count macro button counts; it displays the result in Row 5 and Col 6 as F5. The user is trying to display it in another page (Sheet2), but couldn't refer it to the another sheet anyhow. How can this be done? All the user wants is displayed in Sheet2 and Cell F5.






With Sheet2.Cells(Row, Col)


Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by sktneer.


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