How to set a countdown timer to beep under 10 seconds

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How to set a countdown timer to beep under 10 seconds




The user has  created a timer in excel and would like it to beep every second under ten seconds. The user has tried the follow method but the beep is happening every second instead of only playing under ten seconds.


VBA module:
Function BeepMe() As String
BeepMe = ""
End Function

In Sheet2 Cell B2 the user has the timer 12:01:30 AM formatted to display mm:ss

In cell C2 the user has this function =IF(B2<"12:00:10",BeepMe()."")


Please advise how to only play the beep under 10 seconds.




this formula:





assuming you have timer in Cell B2 running the below code will work

Function BeepMe() As String
tim = Range("B2").Value

Do Until Range("B2").Value = (tim + TimeValue("00:00:10"))
BeepMe = ""

End Function

Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by John_w and ashu1990


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