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Index to how to... providing a range of solutions page 4


1 How to use a VBA code for clipart
2 How to Lock/unlock cells based on value in a drop down list
3 How to use Excel VBA macro to convert multiple columns to multiple rows
4 How to create VBA to place current month and year in a cell
5 How to print userform in orientation landscape
6 How to work with Pivot Table multiple consolidation ranges
7 How to make all empty textboxes invisible
8 How to use a formula to drag down, listing top 10 smallest results from matrix
9 How to count worksheets
10 How to test if named range exists
11 How to compare 2 date ranges when name matches
12 How to average time between dates
13 How to add page break based on keyword
14 How to combine IF/AND statements
15 How to sum up columns in each row and highlight until that value
16 How to create vertical page breaks every X column
17 How to round to nearest .25 (times)
18 How to freeze panes using VBA
19 How to use SUMPRODUCT with INDEX MATCH multiple criteria
20 How to hide and unhide with checkboxes - multiple checkboxes do multiple different things
21 How to prevent listbox horizontal scrollbar
22 How to use calendar form control - only allow weekdays to be selected
23 How to use the namebox shortcut key
24 How to reference a directory that is up one level from the ActiveWorkbook.Path
25 How to count times between 2 specified times
26 How to transpose single column into multiple columns and rows
27 How to use RANK function ignoring only zero values
28 Split row into many rows using trigger in particular row cells
29 How to select cell A1 on all sheets prior to closing the workbook
30 How to data trim and clean cell values with VBA code
31 How to create and auto run macro if value on cell A1 is less than value on B2
32 How to use Excel VBA userform list box
33 How to paste from multiple Excel workbooks into one workbook (Across the page & file names)
34 How to maximise IE window in VBA
35 How to find last non blank cell & not affect split screen view
36 How to generate multiple line charts VBA
37 How to create VBA to copy specific column from one sheet to another
38 How to use VBA to returning 5 left digits and pasting to bottom of existing data set
39 How to add frequently used text to a cell
40 How to use a macro to copy rows from multiple worksheets based on a cell value greater than zero
41 How to consolidate data into single sheet from the selected spreadsheets
42 How to get Monday's date when you enter any other date for the week
43 How to use read only when opening a workbook
44 How to download a file using VBA
45 How to copy and paste when criteria is met
46 How to create, apply or delete a custom view


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