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Excel Newsletter by Ozgrid Excel Data Manipulation and Analysis


Past Issues of OzGrids Excel Newsletters

Issue 111: October 2010 Vlookup Any Occurrence and VBA Sending the Record Back

Issue 110: September 2010 Lookup That Meets N Criteria & AdvancedFilter In VBA

Issue 109: August 2010 Count and Sum Between Date Ranges. VBA DateAdd Function

Issue 108: July 2010 Lookups Using Array Constants. VBA Loop & How To Restrict Looping

Issue 107: June 2010 Return the Weekday as Weekday Name. Convert Text To UPPER CASE, Proper Case and lower case.

Issue 106: May 2010 Printing Large Amounts Of Data & VBA Working With Arrays Part 2.

Issue 105: April 2010 Custom Views For Excel Workbooks. VBA Working With Arrays Part 1.

Issue 104: March 2010 Conditional Averages Formulas In Excel. EXCEL VBA: Loop Through Column & Find Matches In Other Workbooks.

Issue 103: February 2010 Sum by date range and other criteria. VBA: Loop through chosen Folder.

Issue 102: January 2010 Consolidation: Combining data from separate worksheets into one. VBA Message Box (MsgBox) Function.

Issue 101: December 2009 Scenarios form part of the analyzing tools that Excel has to offer. Input boxes with ranges, numbers and expressions

Issue 100: November 2009 Inserting a Footer. VBA code to delete rows by conditions

Issue 99: October 2009 Excel Spreadsheet Design and Layout. VBA Function For Last Used Cell On Worksheet or Column

Issue 98: September 2009 Lookup With Multiple Conditions, Pull Numbers From Text, Spell Values as Currency...... FREE Excel Add-in.

Issue 97: August  2009 Excel Spreadsheet Password Protection Security Vulnerabilities. Working With Multiple Worksheet In VBA.

Issue 96: June  2009 Quick & Dirty Tips For Excel. Add Quick Access to Custom Lists. Add Custom List Access to Right Click Menu

Issue 95: May  2009 Excel Dynamic Formulas. VBA Transfer Multi-Select ListBox To Range Of Cells

Issue 94: April  2009 Flexible Excel Lookup Combination. The Ultimate Excel Lookup Function

Issue 93: March  2009  Dynamic Subtotals. VBA Custom Functions :Calculation Mode & Status and Differences Between Arrays

Issue 92: February 2009 Start-up/Command-line Switches For Excel & Excel Formulas In VBA

Issue 91: January 2009 Dynamic Lookups & UDF To Lookup Any Occurrences & Return Corresponding Cell To Right Or LEFT

Issue 90: December 2008 Enter Data Onto Multiple Sheets. Excel VBA Code To Fill ListBox With File & Worksheet Names

Issue 89: November 2008 Printing Pivot Tables By Page Field (Report Filter) & Data Tables For Mortgages and Amortization

Issue 88: October 2008 Sum Only Nth Largest or Smallest Cell Values. VBA Macro To Delete Rows Meeting a Date Condition

Issue 87:September 2008 Multiple Condition/Criteria VLOOKUP & Symbols in Excel Custom Formats

Issue 86:August 2008 Count Lines In Cells & Transpose Rows Into Columns.

No July issue

Issue 85: June 2008 Data Bars In MS Excel 2007 & Prior Versions. UserForm Data Entry The RIGHT Way.

Issue 84: May 2008. Due to ISP issues this month newsletter will not be sent.

Issue 83: April 2008 Determine total working hours between 2 dates & times. Sorting non-continuous ranges easily.

Issue 82: march 2008 Debug Excel Formulas & Innovative Uses Of The VBA Choose Function.

Issue 81: February 2008 Formula Error Values and What They Mean. VBA Function To Count or Sum
Specified Number In Single Cell Housing Many Numbers

Issue 80: January 2008 Controls From The Forms Toolbar; Correct Uses 3. Add Space To Each Uppercase Letter In Text.

Issue 79: December 2007 Controls From The Forms Toolbar; Correct Uses 2. VBA Pass Array Elements To Chosen Range

Issue 78: November 2007 Controls From The Forms Toolbar; Correct Uses 1. VBA Change Order Of ListBox Items

Issue 77: October 2007 The Art of Searching For Excel Answers & How to Use Excel The Right Way.

Issue 76: September 2007 Dynamic Table Reports & Adding Sheets in Weekday Order

Issue 75: AUGUST 2007 Multi-table Lookup & Working With Shapes In VBA Macro Code

Issue 74: July 2007 Nifty Excel Formulas & Looping Through Worksheets.

Issue 73: June 2007 Excel Custom Lists How to and VBA Code for Quick Access.

Issue 72: May 2007 Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables & VBA to Hide Pivot Field Items by Criteria.

Issue 71: April 2007 Excel Specific Links & Search Engines

Issue 70: March 2007 Conditional Chart Axis Highlighting. Delete VBA Code With Code

Issue 69: February 2007 Display & Plot Future Chart Data. Resize Handle For a UserForm

Issue 68: January 2007. Due to ISP issues this month newsletter will not be sent.

Issue 67: December 2006 Lookup Corresponding Result in Cell! Sort Alphanumeric Text By Numeric Portion

Issue 66: November 2006 Create Gantt Charts in Excel. Show & Color AutoFilter Criteria Fields

Issue 65: October 2006 Excel Formulae Using Worksheet Names in Cells

Issue 64: September 2006 Relative Named Ranges. AutoFilter in VBA by Date and Time

Issue 63: August 2006 Excel Hyperlink Usage and Tips. Date Criteria usage in VBA and AutoFilters.

Issue 62: July 2006 Dynamic lookup formulas in excel. Criteria usage in VBA and AutoFilters.

Issue 61: June 2006 Get Around Excel's 7 Nested IF Limit. VBA and AutoFilters.

Issue 60: May 2006 Excel Conditional Sum Wizard. VBA Special Cells Method.

Issue 59: Mar 2006 Creating Excel Workbook & Worksheet Templates. Create Worksheets for Each Item in an Excel Table of Data

Issue 58: Feb 2006 Customize Toolbars in Excel. Exclude Headings from Table. Add Category & Description to Custom Functions

Issue 57: Jan 2006 Assigning Macros in Excel. Adding Worksheets in VBA. Monthly order & Numeric order

Issue 56: Dec 2005 Record/Recording Macros in Excel. Disable Cut/Copy in a Workbook

Issue 55: Nov 2005 Viewing multiple Sheets in the same Workbook. Collect data from users via an InputBox.

Issue 54: Oct 2005 Excel 12. 6 conditional formatting conditions. Get last day of month. VBA case sensitivity. Send email from Excel

Issue 53: Sep 2005 Calculate Sliding Scale or Bracket Tax. VBA Find Method to Find Dates.

Issue 52: Aug 2005 Excel: Data Table. VBA: Loop through a folder of Excel workbooks.

Issue 51: Jul 2005 Excel: Get Nth Word From Text. VBA: Find Nth Occurrence.

Issue 50: Jun 2005 Excel Conditional Formatting and Conditional Formatting for Duplicates. The Excel VBA Intersect Method.

Issue 49: May 2005 Excel Named Ranges, Named Constants and Named Formulas. Excel VBA: Find the last cell in a range.

Issue 48: April 2005 COUNT or SUM with more than one (multiple) criteria. VBA code-VLOOKUP across Worksheets. Excel Calendar.

Issue 47: March 2005 Compare 2 ranges in Excel. The SUBTOTAL Function made dymanic. Popular VBA Code examples.

Issue 46: February 2005 Excel Histograms and Frequency Function. VBA code to create a Histogram

Issue 45: Janurary 2005 Excel Pivot Table Tutorial and Excel Pivot Tables Creation via VBA. Please help the tsunami victims

Issue 44: December 2004 How to create some Dynamic named ranges with a twist. VBA macro code that will track changes on a Worksheet.

Issue 43: November 2004 Automatically updating Validation list. SUM all Sheets in a Workbook. Prevent blanks in Tables. Free Excel Add-in!

Issue 42: October 2004 Prevent users from scrolling to specified areas of a Worksheet, limit scroll area. How to run your Excel VBA Macros at a set time or a pre-defined intervals.

Issue 41: September 2004 Linking AutoShapes to cells. Linking pictures cells. Customising Cell Comments. Advanced VBA Find form.

Issue 40: August 2004 How to have a Validation List dependent on what is selected from another. Excel VBA code used in Custom Functions explained and Progress Meters.

Issue 39: July 2004 Use for the Excel 4.0 EVALUATE Function. INDIRECT Function used to stop cell references changing. Excel VBA code used in Custom Functions.

Issue 38: June 2004 Some more quick and easy tips and tricks with Excel. More Code for custom VBA function explained

Issue 37: May 2004 Some quick and easy tips and tricks with Excel. Code for custom VBA function explained

Issue 36: April 2004 How to set-up your data so you can use Excel Pivot Tables. Free online Pivot Table tutorial. Free Excel Add-in of custom Excel functions.

Issue 35: March 2004 How to create a simple Calendar in Excel for date entries. How to create an advanced Calendar using Excel VBA.

Issue 34: Febuary 2004 Excel spreadsheet design the right way. Custom Excel VBA Function to determine how many specified days there are in any specified month.

Issue 33: January 2004 Excel tip on how to make the SUBTOTAL formula dynamic. Excel VBA macro to group associated data.

Issue 32: December 2003 How to convert those stubborn imported dates and those negatives with the - (minus sign of the right) to true dates and negatives that Excel can use.

Issue 31: November 2003 How to increment formulas down rows and you copy across columns. Using Excel VBA to create a Worksheet index.

Issue 30: October 2003 Advanced Filter in Excel and ranges in VBA

Issue 29: September 2003 Attaching macros to custom toolbars and using the Excel Auto Filter in Excel VBA.

Issue 28: August 2003 Excel Named Range Tricks. Excel named formula and Formula Comments. VBA Custom Function to Sum by cells format, extract hyperlink address and test if a Workbook exists.

Issue 27: July 2003 How to create a list in Excel using data validation that is dependedent on the selection from another. How to run Excel VBA macros on Protected Worksheets.

Issue 26: June 2003 How to make use of Excel's Scenarios. Excel on the web with HTML. Automatically run macros in Excel VBA part 3.

Issue 25: May 2003 How to make use of Excel's Data Tables. Excel on the web with HTML. Automatically run macros in Excel VBA part 2.

Issue 24: Apr 2003 How to make use of Excel's Custom Number Formats. Automatically run macros in Excel VBA part 1.

Issue 23: Mar 2003 The IF, OR and AND Excel formulas Explained. Using named ranges in Excel VBA. How to tell if a range is within a named range.

Issue 22: Feb 2003 Part 2 of 2 on data Validation. Separate first and last names. Show hours as "x days x hours and x minutes". For Each loops in VBA and loop through a folder in a specified path

Issue 21: Jan 2003 50% off levels 1, 2 and 3 Excel training. Uses for Excel's Data Validation part 1 of 2. Creating Excel Add-ins, what you should know

Issue 20: Dec 2002 Half price special, 350 Excel business functions. More software to browse through. Part 2 of 2 on Nesting Excel Functions. Part 3 of 3 on efficient Excel VBA code.

Issue 19: Nov 2002 Our new perpetual special for all newsletter subscribers. Intoducing our new global software search. Part 1 of 2 on Nesting Excel Functions. Part 2 of 3 on efficient Excel VBA code.

Issue 18: Oct 2002 Excel add-ins galore, how to use Excel's Subtotal feature and some great Excel Books. VBA section looks at part 1 of 3 of efficient VBA code.

Issue 17: Sep 2002 Part 3 of 3 on Excel's Lookup functions such as Vlookup, Match and Index. This one shows how to find the nth occurence and also match more than one criteria. In the Excel VBA section we look at creating a Splash Screen and also how to code a Listbox set for Multi Select.

Issue 16: Aug 2002 Part 2 of 3 on Excel's Lookup functions such as Vlookup, Match and Index. How to create a very easy to use lookup table using Validation lists and Dynamic Named Ranges with a twist. How to use VBA when working with CommandBars and Toolbars, including creating your own.

Issue 15: Jul 2002 Part 1 of 3 on Excel's Lookup functions such as Vlookup, Match and Index. How to look left and more. Fast VBA code using Excel's Find Method and CountIf with a Loop.

Issue 14: Jun 2002 This issue looks at all you should know about naming ranges, constants and formulae in Excel. The VBA section shows some uses of Excel's Functions on the Worksheet

Issue 13: May 2002 How to deal with that Workbook size blowout, also how to deal with Phantom links that just wont go away. In the VBA section is some very important points on Sheets and Ranges.

Issue 12: Apr 2002 How to set up a spreadsheet efficiently. How to avoid slow calculations and what you can do if the problem already exists. Automatic Workbook and Worksheet Events

Issue 11: Mar 2002 More warnings on array formulas. Conditional formatting with formulas and Checkboxes. Excel VBA and the Find Method explained

Issue 10: Feb 2002 What a lot of Excel sites and newsletters don't tell you about calculation. The Intersect method described and adding descriptions to your UDF's.

Issue 9: Jan 2002 A great site for real estate investors, everything you should know about Excel's Fill Handle and how to design a professional UserForm with a multi select ListBox!

Issue 8: Dec 2001 In this issue we look at a couple of ways to make use of the INDIRECT function. How to use a list from another Worksheet for Excel's Validation feature. A handy macro to print a long column of data, and another to convert formulas from relative to absolute and vice versa.

Issue 7: Nov 2001 Special offer on Excel training and Excel VBA training. Faster calculations, SUM function used as a subtotal. Find 3 zeros in a row and return heading, Custom Function. Option Compare Statement

Issue 6: Oct 2001 Lost Password associate. SUBTOTAL function. Part 2 of Select Case Statement.

Issue 5: Sep 2001 Explains how to use Excel Dfunctions and why they are far better than array formulas. Free workbook download demonstrates how to use them. The Select Case Statement in Excel VBA is a much better option than multiple If Statements. This newsletter is part 1 of 2 on the Select Case Statement.

Dfunctions.zip to go with Issue 5.

Issue 4: Aug 2001 How to use the INDIRECT function in Excel to read a cell content as an address. Using the Edit Links dialog and using the Find and Replace across multiple Worksheets. How to use “Choose” and arrays in VBA.

Issue 3: Jul 2001 How to use Excels Defined Names to write a custom function, without VBA! Better ways than loops to delete rows based on a specified criteria.

Zipped Workbook to go with Issue 3.

Issue 2: Jun 2001 Convert a date to read st,nd,rd or th. How to Proper surnames that Start with Mc an/or Mac. A custom function that will find the Nth occurrence of a specified item.

Issue 1: May 2001 Custom function to sort by color.

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