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OzGrid Excel and VBA Newsletter April 2007

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This month I have chosen to try a totally different angle. I'm sure it's a win-win situation for both Ozgrid newsletter members and Ozgrid. Rather than educated guesses on what subscribers and Ozgrid site visitors want, I'm letting you tell us!


For the last week I have been scouring the Web for as many sites possible dealing with Microsoft Excel. Now, the trick is (as I'm sure most know) actually finding what YOU want. Google does a great job of this but often returns an overwhelming number of results. Often in the millions!


Ozgrid is now utilizing Google's search power to take the agony out of searching the Web for answers to Excel problems! Ozgrid has now created
10 link pages (more to come) and *specific* Excel features via a dedicated Search Engine, powered by Google. There is also one *main* Excel Search Engine that simultaneously searches most sites and pages dealing with Microsoft Excel on the Web

Specific Excel Site Links & Search Engines are;

Free Excel Add-ins

Free Excel Templates


Pivot Tables


Forums & Newsgroups



Excel Alternatives

Excel in the news & jobs requiring Excel knowledge


When a search term or keyword becomes popular enough, we can see it and then focus on what the majority want!

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