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Compact Database - Jet/Access databases need to be compacted from time to time. This is because that when a large table is deleted, the space it consumes is not released. This space is simply marked as unused and will be re-used for future database operations. Over time (especialy with large datasets) the database file grows and becomes fragmented. This can reduce system performance. Compacting the database rewrites only the used portions and thus significantly reduces the size of the underlying database file.

Database Archives - This feature allows you to take your database, along with all of the documents that you have attached to it and compress them into a single backup file in Microsoft CAB format (similar to the .ZIP format; WinZip and most other archival utilities can read and write this format). Compressing a large database can yield impressive results. It's not unusual for a 100 megabyte database to be compressed down to only a couple of megabytes. These files can then be emailed, sent via ftp or burned onto optical discs (CD/DVD).

Explore - Browse the contents of files and folders on your computer, network and the web within the ActiveData For Office user interface.

The SQL Explorer, a tool designed for advanced users, allows you to execute MS Jet SQL commands against your database.

Open Database In Access - This feature allows you to switch to MS Access to edit your database.
Macro - Record, edit and playback ActiveData For Office Visual Basic macros.
Options - Set ActiveData For Office program options


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