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Project Management Tools For Project Tracking

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Project Track fills an existing void in the market of project management tools by fully integrating all the tools and information project managers use on a daily basics. If you use spreadsheets to keep track of action items, risks, issues, changes, milestones, resources, meetings, etc. and you are tired of maintaining multiple documents, Project Track is right for you. Project Track helps you by keeping all the information in one place and giving you quick access to it.

What is Project Track?

Project Track is a stand-alone application that fills an existing void in the market of project management tools by fully integrating all the information project managers use on a daily basis.

Do you have this problem?

If you use spreadsheets to keep track of action items, risks, issues, changes, milestones, etc., you know how difficult it can be to keep information up to date.

As the number of documents you need to maintain grows, it becomes almost impossible to keep them current. Eventually, important information Start s falling through the cracks.

As if maintaining documents were not hard enough, locating them can cause further delays.

How we can help you?

Project Track helps you solve these and other problems by keeping all the information in one place and allowing you quick access to all project related information.

With Project Track you will be able to:

* Keep track of customers and clients.
* Define companies initiatives and their associated programs and projects.
* For every project, you can maintain a list of Action Items, Change Requests, Issues, Risks, Milestones, Meetings, People, Teams, Resources, etc.
* Filter any information on the fly.
* Create, save and retrieves complex filters in seconds.
* View related information from multiple views, so you can find what you need fast and easily.
* Forget about all those spreadsheets and word documents where you keep track of all the little (and big) details of your projects.
* Communicate with your clients, sponsors and team members while sharing reports, tasks, documents or any other piece of information maintained by Project Track.
* Maintain a journal so all the details of a project are recorded.
* Centralize, in a repository, all the documents related to a client, project or any other item.
* Search and filter your documents, so you never need to spend time looking for them.
* Generate standard reports and share them with anyone in your contact list.
* Export data and reports to PDF, MS Word, Excel, HTML, or as a JPEG Image for distribution or further processing.
* Record, maintain and share all your project information from a single location.

The personal edition of Project Track is targeted to anyone that needs to manage simple projects in a single user environment.

Project Track doesn’t replace applications such as MS Project, but complement them. You cannot create project plans with Project Track, but you can do pretty much everything else. Project Track is not a planning tool, but a program to help you execute your plan, saving you time when all the administrative work that surrounds all projects.

For example, if you use a spreadsheet or word processor to keep track of action items (to-Dos), risks, changes, issues, milestones, etc. You can use Project Track to keep track of all those items from a single location. You can have multiple clients and projects, each one of them with its own set of information.

But keeping track of things is not all you can do with Project Track. Most projects generate documents that need to be easily accessible. As the number of documents grows, the time spent looking for them increases. What about looking for a document related to a project that was finished some time ago? You can spend a lot of time moving from directory to directory, trying to remember the title of the document. Very frustrating!

With Project Track you can catalog all of your documents. Once a document is attached to Project Track, you can search for it using multitude of parameters, and the results will display at light speed. You still need to save the documents someplace in your computer or network, but once Project Track is linked to them, you don’t ever need to remember where you put them.

If, during the course of a year, you spend 2 or more hours looking for documents in your computer, Project Track will pay for itself.


Application Desktop Screen Shots Large Page
Contacts - Card view
Actions - Grid view
Actions - Timeline view grouped by assignee
Calendar - Work week with tasks
Contacts - Grid view grouped by company
Desktop - Document View
Document Management - Grid view with details
People - Card view with details
People - Grid view with details
Projects - Timeline view with grouping
Tasks - Grid view with grouping
Project Track Today

Application Dialogs Large Page
Meeting - Main Tab
Meeting - Actions Tab
Project - Main Tab
Project - People Assigned
Project - Team Tab
Project - Actions Tab - Timeline
Email Templates
Indicators Dialog
Send to group Dialog
Filtering Dialog

Action Items report - Calendar format
Action Item Detail Report
Document Grid Report

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