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Minute Man

Easily Create Gantt Charts, PERT Charts, Schedules, Reports, and More

Minute Man is a project management program. It can help you create a project schedule with the dates of tasks and milestones, make notes on each task, assign personnel to certain tasks, and track expenditures. It allows you to print Gantt and PERT charts and schedule and budget reports. It can generate reports in hard copy or text and graphics file formats. Files are compatible with standard word processor and spreadsheet programs.

Minute Man Has 3 views for entering and viewing the schedule; OutLine , PertChart, and TimeLine (or 'Gantt Chart'). A Project Summary view is also available to describe the project overall.

The Outline View is Minute Man's primary data entry screen. A spreadsheet-like approach to entering tasks allows the easy definition of relationships between tasks, and shows "the whole picture" in one view.   

On the left-hand side you create an outline of your work. (This is also called a "Work Breakdown Structure".) In the area on the right you enter detail sub-tasks (the red and blue-boxes). The top of the screen lists detail information (dates, costs, etc.) for the currently highlighted task. The "flow" of work is typically entered from left to right. Tasks can be moved around, and links created between tasks, using drag-and-drop techniques. The work-flow can be viewed in further detail by switching to the PERT View.

  • Milestones are indicated as diamonds
  • Critical Path Tasks and Milestones are indicated in red
  • A Percent Complete Marker can be displayed for each task or milestone
  • The outline can be indented to 5 levels

Pert Chart

Minute Man provides an industry-standard PERT-Chart View of the project. Key information for each task or milestone is displayed in a box. Dependency lines, or "links" are drawn between dependent tasks.  

Complete editing capabilities are provided in this view ; adding/deleting/moving tasks, changing any task's data, editing links, etc.

  • Tasks are shown as rectangles, Milestones with clipped corners
  • Critical Path Tasks and Milestones are indicated in red
  • A Percent Complete Marker can be displayed for each task or milestone

A TimeLine (or Gantt-Chart) view of the project plots activities against a calendar. Durations for each task are shown graphically on a timescale ranging from hours to a year.  Views can be provided of tasks, resources, or resource usage by task. 

  • Critical Path  Tasks and Milestones are indicated in red
  • A Percent Complete Marker can be displayed for each task or milestone
  • Timelines may be shown for tasks, resources, or resource-usage-by-task. Tasks is shown above. See Resources for more details.
  • Timelines for resources highlight any resources which are over-committed.

Resource Tracking - Graphical display and/or text reports on assignments of people by name or job category.

  • List all tasks each individual is working on, and when
  • Indicate over-allocation

Generate Reports

MinuteMan includes a versatile Report Generator. Reports may be previewed on-screen, printed, or sent to a text file to be included in a word-processing document.

Additionally, the overall Project Schedule may be exported to a spreadsheet-compatible file; any standard spreadsheet can then be used to create further schedule reports, or be rolled up into other reports. A special spread-sheet file format can be specified for direct import to Microsoft project. Reports may be configured to include, at the task, subproject, and overall-project level;

Schedule Data and Percent Complete
Predecessor Relationships
Staffing Assignments
Staffing Costs
Task-specific notes

A Task Filter allows reporting on selected groups of tasks based on criteria such as;

Critical Path
Selected "Important" Tasks
Progress; Completed, In Progress, Not Start ed
Tasks with Headcount
Tasks incurring expenditures

Use On a Network - Minute Man can be used in a networked environment by making use of file-sharing.  Put the commonly used project files on a central file-server location in your network. Users must each have a copy of Minute Man on their PC or laptop. They can then access the project files and work on them. Make sure your network administration has periodic centralized backup procedures.

Print Charts Easily

Project Management Software has some unique printing requirements - some of the charts can get quite large! To minimize the need for taping many "standard" size sheets of paper to represent one larger drawing, MinuteMan.

Supports printing of Timelines and Pert Charts on up to Size C (22"x17") paper
All Views (Pert, Timeline, and Work Outline) can be output to Graphics Files. You can include these files into Word Processor documents where you can shrink/stretch them as needed. Even more important, you can then email the files to others who can view them just using their own Word Processors. Many other Project Management tools require that the recipient purchase another copy of the tool just to view the charts.
The schedule may also be exported to a file format compatible with Microsoft Project or Spreadsheet programs.

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