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Excel Named Range Manager

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This Excel Add-in will allow you to easily and quickly create and manage all Excel named ranges and constants. You can delete all redundant or broken names, create named constants, dynamic named ranges (ideal for charts and Pivot tables), create Worksheet level names, consecutive named ranges and more.

If you work with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets you are no doubt aware of the benefits of using named ranges as opposed to range addresses. For example =SUM(Year_2005_Figures) is much better than =SUM($A$2:$D$5000). The use of named ranges also means you can get to the named ranges very quickly and easily. Unfortunately most Excel users don't get past using named ranges in this manner and realize their full potential.

With the Excel Named Range Manager you will be able to realize the full potential of named ranges.

  1. Go To & View Named Ranges
  2. Create a Dynamic Named Range Index Sheet
  3. Hide Names
  4. Show Hidden Names
  5. Easily Remove & Identify Orphaned Names
  6. Create Name Maps
  7. Create Consecutive Named Ranges
  8. Create Sheet Level Names
  9. Create Named Constants
  10. Create Named Formulas
  11. Create Dynamic Named Ranges

All feature are extremely easy to use. No help file like a phone book, just to-the-point explanations. The code behind the Excel Add-in will guide you through any steps.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Excel Add-ins! Big Discount for Unlimited License

You will be able to download your Excel Add-in immediately after ordering.

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Excel Named Range Manager 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Excel 97 through to 2003 Compatible. Payment Problems/Options SAVE by buying as part of a Add-ins collection
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