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Manage Text In Excel

Convert Text To Numbers, Change Case, Join Text, Remove Spaces & More!

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The Text Manager will make working with text in your spreadsheet very easy. It is particularly useful for text which has been imported into Excel. You specify the range to affect, this can be specified cells or the entire sheet.

The Change Case lets you instantly change the case of your text. You can nominate to change your text to:

The Remove Character or Text can save you many hours of manually removing specific characters, or text, from specified text. You can even copy the characters to remove directly from the Windows Character Map. If the character or text you wish to remove is not available, simply check the Specify Character or Text option.

One very common problem with text (particularly imported text) is the unavoidable importing of spaces. Not only does this make your text unsightly and hard to read, but it can also prevent:

You can remove all:

Have some text you wish to concatenate (link together)? The Text Manager can do this is quickly and easily. Simply specify the cells to concatenate, then specify the cell to concatenate the text into and click OK. Your text will instantly be joined. You can also tell the Text Manager to add a space between each cell that is joined.

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