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Unique Outlook Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook: Email Add-ins

More than 20 various Outlook add-ins extend Microsoft Outlook functionality and increase your productivity: eliminate duplicates, manage attachments, add other useful features with these add-ins. "Must have" tools almost for every organization using Microsoft Exchange Server: Server-side e-mail sorting rules, POP3 connector, NDR attack protector. Shared folders, folder synchronization and other solutions required to build reliable and low-cost collaboration.

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Microsoft Outlook Add-ins Categories This Page: Attachment Management | Eliminating duplicates | Saving and Moving Data | Microsoft Outlook Security | Surveys and polls | Contacts Validation and Management | MAPILab Toolbox | Automation tools | Mail merging and Personalized Mailing | Microsoft Outlook Connectivity | Productivity tools for e-mail

Eliminating duplicates in Microsoft Outlook
Duplicate Email Remover finds and removes the duplicates of e-mail messages, while Duplicates Remover Outlook add-in solves the problem of duplicates for all other Microsoft Outlook items (contacts, notes, tasks, journal and calendar items). Duplicate Email Remover
Duplicates Remover for Outlook

Outlook Add-ins: Duplicate Email Remover || Duplicates Remover for Outlook

MAPILab Toolbox for Microsoft Outlook
MAPILab Toolbox is a set of thirteen add-ins for Microsoft Outlook in one package. Do you want to add the senders of certain e-mail messages to your mailing list or to a certain folder with contacts? The Mailing List Service add-in will allow you to do it with just one button. Do you want users to be able to remove themselves from this list? The Subscription Manager Outlook add-in will provide you with the features of a subscription server. Do you want your price list to be automatically sent to a certain list of recipients each time it is updated? File Send Automatically (Outlook add-in) will do it. Do you need this price list to be sent out each Monday? This task is for E-mail Scheduler. And can users request an up-to-date price list from your computer? Yes, they can. There is a special Outlook add-in for that � File Fetch. And so on, another eight add-ins � make sure you examine this product!

Outlook Add-ins: MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook

Mail Merging and Personalized Mailing
Mail Merge Toolkit considerably enhances the features of merging in Microsoft Office: it allows you to merge e-mails into Microsoft Publisher, adds additional formats, makes it possible to attach files and provides many other features that you will not find among the standard merging features. Send Personally is a �one-button� program for those who do not need to merge anything complicated, but needs to make sure that each e-mail recipient receives a separate message copy with his or her name in the �To� field. This program also has the main macro-based merging features.

Outlook Add-ins: Mail Merge Toolkit || Send Personally

Contacts Validation and Management
Each contact must be created, each contact must be filled with data and each contact must contain up-to-date data. Add Contacts automatically creates contacts when you send messages. Actual Contacts Outlook add-ins will allow your recipients to update their contacts in your address book and fill out empty fields. And Contacts Verifier allows you to check if e-mail addresses in your contacts and mailing lists really exist (this can be done whilst in the process of merging two documents).

Outlook Add-ins: Actual Contacts for Outlook || Add Contacts || Contacts Verifier

Attachment Management in Microsoft Outlook
These products allow you to automatically save attachments to disk in the required order as well as sort them for future use; manage the security settings for attachments in Microsoft Outlook; automatically pack attachments into ZIP archives in outgoing messages; automatically unpack attachments in incoming messages; protect attachments you send with a password.  Very popular Outlook add-ins.

Outlook Add-ins: Attachments Processor for Outlook

Productivity Tools for e-mail in Microsoft Outlook
What tasks become a routinely faster than others in your work with e-mail? Answering the same questions, keeping track of the previous correspondence and forwarding messages to colleagues. Quick Templates will allow you to answer the same questions with one mouse click. E-mail Follow-up will check to see if you have replied to your emails received. And Redirect Outlook add-in will allow you to forward messages (manually or with the help of predefined inputs) and your recipient will receive it just the same way you received it � the message will even keep its original sender.

Outlook Add-ins: E-mail Follow-Up || Quick Templates for Outlook || Redirect for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Connectivity
If you have to read newsgroups in Outlook Express and work with your e-mail in Microsoft Outlook, you most probably feel a little inconvenienced because of the two different databases storing your messages. We have added all of Outlook Express�s functionality to Microsoft Outlook so now you can work with both e-mail and newsgroups in one program!

Outlook Add-ins: MAPILab NNTP for Outlook

Saving and Moving Data
How do you save data so that it is possible to work with it even after a long period of time has elapsed? How do you publish Microsoft Outlook folders on the Internet so that they can be accessed from anywhere? How do you compile data for a mobile device even if there is no Pocket Outlook on it? HTML E-mail Archiver answers these and many other questions.

Outlook Add-ins: HTML Email Archiver for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Security
There are two security problems that cannot be solved by installing an update package: blocked attachments that you cannot access, but need to access, and popup windows with messages informing you that some unknown program is trying to access your data or send a message from your account. The Attachments Security add-in from Attachments Processor will allow you to block attachments the way you need to. And Advanced Security will allow you not only to see what program is trying to access your data, but also to specify access rights for this program so that popup warnings will stop bothering you ceaselessly.

Outlook Add-ins: Attachments Processor for Outlook

Automation tools for Microsoft Outlook
The increase in productivity of your work is closely connected with the possibility to automate routine tasks and processes. How to save the time you spend on controlling the appearance of new messages with certain subjects in Public Folders? Specify the necessary keywords and the Advanced Folders Watch plug-in will monitor all incoming messages and inform you about new messages that conform to the specified parameters. Is it possible to automate the printing of certain types of messages, attachments or any other Outlook components? The Print Tools plug-in will do it � you just have to specify the print options and all the necessary data will be printed automatically.

Outlook Add-ins: Advanced Folders Watch || Print Tools for Outlook

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Surveys and polls
Even if you only know a little bit about using Microsoft Access (you do not have to know how to program in VBA!), you can now create and carry out polls via e-mail or on your web site. And if one of Microsoft Access templates suits your polls, you have to be neither a programmer nor even a designer!

Outlook Add-ins: Easy Survey

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