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Redirect for Outlook will provide you with the opportunity to redirect messages instead of forwarding them.

Companies with more than one e-mail user are likely to face problems when redirecting messages for processing by other departments, or specific personnel better able to deal with the message. Standard Microsoft® Outlook® features only offer the possibility to forward a message, which is not always convenient for a number of reasons:

the forwarding function is situated deep within the program settings, and frequent switching is very difficult;

whatever forwarding mode is selected, the person forwarding the message will be shown in the Sender field, not the sender of the initial message, so any message sorting rules used by the end recipient as well as any search functions will cease to be effective;

in the forwarding mode when the message being forwarded is inserted as a quotation, its Internet headings are lost and double quotation marks may appear when replying;

in both modes, there is no possibility to reply to the original sender simply by clicking on one button, one has to copy the initial sender's address from the message body, which may result in the occasional mistake;

in both modes, forwarding of an already sent message currently in the Outgoing folder is very difficult;

All of the above problems, though they may not seem particularly severe, tend to become quite significant with urgent and extensive e-mail usage. Support service officers every day can receive at least twenty messages potentially forwarded from their sales department, and every time he/she has to copy the initial sender’s address from the message received and insert it into his reply, it is all too easy with a cluttered monitor for a mistake to be made or something to be forgotten with a resultant loss of time and efficiency; people from the sales department may type their technical support address in to the ‘To’ field twenty times a day; possibly with a client hanging on the phone for five minutes until the sales manager realizes that the e-mail message that he should have received and replied to last month wasn’t forwarded to him, and so a search for the original e-mail begins!

Redirect for Outlook (RFO) will solve all these problems, as it provides you with the opportunity to redirect messages instead of forwarding them: an additional button ‘Redirect’ will appear on the toolbar near the Reply and Forward buttons. The recipient of the redirected message will see it just as you saw it when it was delivered to you. The Internet headings will be kept, the sender will remain the same, and the formatting will also remain intact. The only thing you have to do to reply to a redirected message is just click on the Reply button. If you redirect messages to a particular address regularly, you can enter it in the RFO settings, and it will be inserted automatically.

RFO is a highly convenient add-in for Outlook, ready-to-use upon installation. Check it out, and you will see just how helpful it is!

Important note

Add-in Redirect for Outlook should be installed on both the sender's and recipient's sides. When you select the Redirect button a new message identical to the original one is created. The original message headers are sent as an attachment to the redirected message. The add-in on the recipient's side extracts the original headers and recreates the original message exactly as it was received initially. Should the end recipient not have this add-in installed, they will receive the message with attached headers but from the redirector not the original sender.

We are presently thinking about making a server’s side solution, to do the message redirection from outside of the organization, where having the add-in on the recipient's side is not required. This product is not currently under development.

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