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Outlook Attachments Processor



Save space in PST file or in a mailbox on the Microsoft® Exchange server

Attachment Processor

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Attachments Processor will not only help you to save space in PST file or in a mailbox on the Microsoft® Exchange server, it will also offer greater opportunities for automatic attachment management. The program can automatically extract attachments from incoming messages and save them to hard disk. Extracted attachment is replaced in a message with a link to the file on disk, or, at user's discretion, a text file with attachment description and the link to it can be added to the message.

The program is operable in Simple and Advanced modes. In the Advanced mode, the user may set up specific attachment processing rules for different attachment types and for different folders. In both modes, seven basic patterns for naming disk folders attachments are to be saved to, and seven basic patterns for attachment file renaming are available; besides, Attachments Processor supports a simple macro-language which a user can use to create custom naming patterns.
The program is supplied with utilities designed to update links in the Outlook message folders, which may prove helpful when there is a need to restore a message from the back-up copy or to move the directory with attachments to a different disk, and the utility designed to manage the list of attachments access to which is blocked by the Outlook security system (for Internet mail only).

Attachments Processor is compatible with Microsoft® Outlook® 2000, 2002/XP and 2003; it can be used both with Microsoft Exchange server and with Internet mail (POP3/IMAP); it is capable of saving on disk potentially dangerous attachment access to which is blocked by Outlook; operable in manual and automatic mode.

Program Features:

extracts the attachments from email messages, saves them on a disk and replaces the attached file to the link or the textual description;
allows to process the existent message bases;
possibility to complete recovery of deleted attachments;
auto reattach of attachments for forwarded and sent messages;
processes all or the chosen folders only;
processes the new email messages automatically;
seven modes of folders' creation: the folders can be named depending on the name of folder; address and name of the message's sender; subject of the message; and date of the message creation;
six modes of attachments renaming;
additional opportunities for renaming the files at repeated processing;
removes attachments from the messages;
replaces attachments on a shortcut to the stored file;
replaces attachments on a textual description in any format;
templates with macros for textual descriptions of attachments;
processes any types of the files, for example, you may process .zip or .jpg files only;
two modes of the program's working: "Simple" and "Advanced";
supporting of the multy-rules processing in advanced mode;
includes the utility for management of Microsoft Outlook blocked attachments;
includes the utility for automatic changing of the shortcuts to the stored files in the messages;
auto replace the shortcuts to the files for forwarded and sent messages;
filters for processing of messages and attachments;
automatic processing mode for incoming attachments by scheduler;
auto delete of stored attachments when the message is permanently deleted;
compacting messages storages after attachments removal, including compacting by schedule.

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