By using this HIRE HELP forum you agree to the following terms and conditions. Any topics or posts that do not comply with the below will be removed by the site moderators / administrators. These rules exist to protect you and other members of this site so please take the time to familiarise yourself with them. If you have any queries regarding these rules please contact a member of the administrator team.


General rules regarding paid work on OzGrid:

1.1 - All work must be advertised and agreed on the public board in the HIRE HELP forum. Any work advertised or solicited through the PM (Private Messaging) system or elsewhere will not gain any support from OzGrid. This is to protect everyone involved in the case of a disagreement and to ensure all work is carried out at fair rates where possible. By agreeing terms in the public domain there is no argument on what was agreed and ensures everyone delivers on their part of the agreement.

1.2 - The HIRE HELP forum is used solely as a platform to advertise your project. All work carried out as a result is done so in agreement between the person advertising, and the developer taking on the project. No work is guaranteed or endorsed by OzGrid in any way, similarly OzGrid accepts no liability for incomplete or innacurate work, failure to deliver work on time or within budget or any other limitations or failures resulting from such agreements.

1.3 - OzGrid does not accept any liability for any payments, or any issues arising with payments, in relation to any work carried out on the forum in any capacity.


If you are posting to advertise your project:

2.1 - You must pay 10% of your advertised price to OzGrid before you post your topic, this should be done via PayPal and paid to [email protected] (you may be asked to provide evidence of payment so please make a note of the transaction ID). This is purely an advertisement fee and is non-refundable, similarly this fee provides no warranties or guarantees that your work will be undertaken and completed by a developer.

2.2 - Upon completion of the work, you must pay the remaining 90% of your advertised price to the developer that carried out the work. Important: Do not make payment before the work has been completed to satisfaction, if you are asked for payment in advance politely decline and contact a moderator or adminstrator for further assistance.

2.3 - You must advertise your total price clearly in your topic title, using standard ISO currency codes and the amount in clear decimal format. (e.g. USD $15.00 / GBP £10.00 / AUD $20.00 etc...).

2.4 - All material posted including attachments remains visible and available to all OzGrid forum members and will not be removed unless by prior consent with a member of the administrator team.

2.5 - Do not post homework questions. If you need help with your homework please post in the excel help forum and clearly mark your question as homework. You will be offered guidance only, we will not do your homework for you.


If you are a developer offering to work on an advertised project:

3.1 - To offer solutions you must be a member of the Development Team and have a minimum post count of 250 with good standing in the community, to apply contact Reafidy by PM. (Do not post visitor messages, these will be not be actioned or responded to).

3.2 - The first developer to respond with a completed (see rule 3.3 below) acceptance statement has priority over others to take on the project.

3.3 - An acceptance statement must include the following to be classed as "complete":

  • Clear statement that you intend to carry out the work ("I can...", "I will..." rather than "I might..." etc.)
  • Estimated time frame for the work to be completed (Can be revised with agreement from client only)
  • Agreement that you understand and accept the project deliverables for the price advertised (less the 10% fee paid to OzGrid)
  • How you wish to be paid upon completion

3.4 - Failure to provide a completed acceptance statement, or a statement that the client doesn't accept, means any other developer is free to post their own acceptance statement. In the event that more than one completed acceptance statement is posted, the first one posted will take priority.

3.5 - If a project is unable to be completed in full for any reason, then any part payments are to be agreed solely between the developer and the client, OzGrid will not be liable for any such payments or refunds as a result of incomplete or inaccurate work.

3.6 - If the developer feels that further requests from the client move the project outside the project's scope then this must be brought to the attention of the client and a new cost estimate approved before the additional work is commenced. This should all be done within the original topic posted in the HIRE HELP forum.

3.7 - Once a developer has begun working on the job, no other developers can contribute to the thread until such time as it is clear that the original developer is no longer involved in the project.

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