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Reports can be produced from data in worksheet tables, CSV files, database files or external databases.

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Reports can be produced from data in worksheet tables, CSV files, database files or external databases. A report is a workbook containing one or more worksheets, each based on chosen fields from a set of data.

Report Layout

  • Data may be shown as a list or a cross-tabulation, or both may be present on the same report.
  • Formatting may be set as required; conditional formatting may be used.
  • Calculation within the report, summarization, totalling/subtotalling and sorting may all be specified.
  • Numeric data may be shown as a value or a percentage of a subtotal or total.
  • Standard or user-defined charts may be included in reports

Using Reports

  • The report user may make selections on any specified fields and the report is generated on demand.
  • Any charts are automatically rebased on the data selected.
  • The report user may hotlink across reports, by double-clicking a cell in one report worksheet to automatically select the related data in another worksheet. This can be used to provide a summary and a user-selectable detail report, where the user can hotlink from the summary to view the supporting detail.
  • Report workbooks once generated are stand-alone and do not require Logic Architect software, so may conveniently be used to distribute results.

The example below shows a summary report.

This report is a cross-tabulation of the number of contact events by month and type, sorted in descending date order. In practice the chart would be rather bigger.

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