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The database stores your data in ordered files (tables) which are separate from the workbooks in which they are used

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The database stores your data in ordered files (tables) which are separate from the workbooks in which they are used. These may be linked as required to handle complex data structures.

Permanent database files are specified using the database design application. The database structure may then be printed. When finalised, the design is then applied to the database itself. Temporary database files (which are local to the user) do not need to be defined in advance, and may be created as the output from a Sort or Edit Logic sheet, and then used in the same way as a permanent file.


  • Database files may be displayed, browsed and updated through worksheets or processed through Logic sheets. An automatic database maintenance application creates workbooks for maintaining one database file, or if required several linked files at the same time.
  • Help text may be written for any field which is displayed as a prompt whenever a field is displayed on a worksheet.
  • Default values may be set up for any field (automatically filled in on new records if no other data is supplied). Special default values supply the next number in sequence, the current date or the current date and time.


  • The database is multi-user (requires the multiple user version of Logic Architect) and allows simultaneous updating by all users (the integrity of the data is protected by an optimistic locking scheme which operates at the record or field level).


  • In the muti-user environment, users may be given different levels of authority on each database file; workbooks may also be given authorities which may override the user's authority (so a user may use a pre-written application but not access a file directly).

Data integrity

  • Where files are linked, the database ensures that a parent record always exists for every child record. Deleting the parent record will either delete all child records, or be blocked if there are child records, at the user's choice. Changing the key of a parent record will automatically change all child records.
  • To ensure the quality of the data, only data of the correct type is accepted into a field, key values must be unique, validation rules may be written for any field (as formulae, or by specifying maximum/minimum values or a list of valid values) and null data can permitted or forbidden in a field.
  • There are facilities to check the integrity of the entire database, and to rebuild the database from its log files should any problem arise which corrupts the database.

Tools and Options

  • A file transfer utility allows data to be copied between any of the file types supported by Logic Architect - the database, worksheet tables, CSV files or external data sources.
  • In the muti-user environment, statistics may be displayed showing logged-on users and the performance characteristics of the database. There is a facility for the orderly shutdown of a multi-user system.
  • Many options can be set at the database level, including standard colour scheme, type of locking used, performance parameters, diagnostic tools and security.

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