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Enabling Excel users to develop advanced single- and multi-user database systems.

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Logic Architect enables you to bring Microsoft Excel's speed of development to the creation of systems far beyond the range of normal spreadsheets. It provides a complete development environment which is entirely worksheet based, and normally requires no user VBA programming. It includes a full relational database (multi-user if required) which can be retrieved through functions, browsed, queried and updated entirely within worksheets; a powerful report generator and worksheet-based file processing and program logic tools.

Any area in your worksheets can be used to display data from a database file, either as a form (one record at a time) or as an independently scrollable table. Controls are provided to select and browse the data, which may also (optionally) be updated. There is extensive validation, generation of default values, automatic generation of drop-down lists and user help text. Optional automatic formatting can give the worksheet the look and feel of a forms-based system, and windows can be created and sized automatically. Temporary database files can be generated dynamically. In the multi-user version, the data may be simultaneously updated by many users on a network.

The report generator produces multi-sheet report sets with user selection and drill-down capability, which can be used by any Excel user even without Logic Architect installed. Reports can include lists, cross-tabs and charts, all of which are regenerated dynamically in response to user selections. Excel formatting can be used.

A system's processing is handled through Logic Sheets (worksheets in a predefined format), which provide extensive capabilities to handle and update data from worksheets, database files and other types of file. Data can easily be sorted, merged, joined or cross-tabbed in a variety of ways. Logic is defined using Excel formulae, and processes can be run using buttons or menus, or automatically in response to worksheet events.

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Download Demo | Developers Site | Logic Architect   $125.95 Secure Payment Options | Special! Free Choice of Complete Excel Training Course and Excel Add-ins Collection on all purchases. Purchase MUST be made via this site. Send payment proof to [email protected].

To obtain your hardware code, start Excel with Logic Architect, and select Version Information from the Tools - Help menu on the Logic Architect command bar or the Help menu on the Logic Architect ribbon tab. Your hardware code will be displayed - enter it into the boxes where requested (note that the characters between the + signs will all be numbers or the letters A-F).  Please check that you have entered this correctly, as otherwise you will not be able to upgrade your system.

Once you have obtained your Product key (which will be described as a licence code), in order to upgrade your licence: - Close Excel, if running. - Start the systems Control Panel. - Open Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) and select Logic Architect. This will open the Setup workbook in Excel. - Press "Press Here to Start Setup" and then Upgrade, and when prompted, carefully enter the product key. - On pressing Next, the licence will be upgraded to a full (indefinite) single user licence.

Please retain a copy of your product key, which you will need if you remove and reinstall the product on your computer in the future. However you will be able to install new versions of Logic Architect as they become available over your current version without entering your product key.

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