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 Bookkeeping/Property Management Software for Residential Property Investors


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Tour Page 3 | PC Property Manager Start (Try Out Rental Property Manager \ Details)

Download Demo From Developers Site / Purchase MUST be made via this site for special below.

Properties screen - Depreciation Tab

PC Property Manager records all your depreciable items with total flexibility on applicable rates. Diminishing value or straight line methods can be used.

Depreciation for blocks of flats or apartments can either be at unit level or property level or both depending on your particular situation.

Entering items is easy and once entered, PC Property Manager automatically updates them year after year.

Properties screen - To Do Tab

There can be many things a landlord needs to carry out managing property. Inspections, maintenance, checking rental payments, paying bills or taxes and completing annual company returns etc.

PC Property Manager takes away the need to remember when tasks have to be done by having a "To Do" reminder system. The reminder will either let you know that there is something to do when you Start your computer or when you open PC Property Manager.

The reminder system can be for any owner or property. You can be reminded at any time before the task you wish. You can set the system to keep reminding you of regularly occurring tasks such as checking rent payments.

No more worrying about whether you will remember to do something or having to leave notes for yourself. You can also write notes on any aspect of the property in the notes section of the Property Screen.

Tenancy screen

All information about a tenant and what happens during a tenancy can be recorded through the tenancy screen. This keeps all your data neatly in one place for easy referral.

From the data, the system works out when rent is due and calculates the final rent payment no matter what time of the rental period your tenant eventually leaves in.

From the Rent Tab, you can easily see if the tenant is up-to-date with their payments. (This can also be achieved for all properties through a rents report)

Terms of the tenancy are included in the system as well as the time, date and details of any contact you have with tenants. This can be especially useful should any disputes occur.

Transactions screen

This is likely to be the screen used most often to enter all the transaction of your property investments, so it is designed to be as quick and easy to use as possible.

All receipts & payments can be entered using the same screen. No need to move between screens when entering data. Once the date of the transaction and the other details are entered you just press enter to save the transaction and move the cursor back to the date, ready for the next transaction.

Easy key strokes help to speed up the process. You just press "R" or "P" for a receipt or payment, Type the street number of the property to easily select it from your list of properties, type the first one or two letters of the ledger account ("RE" for rents or "IN" for insurance).

If you are entering a rent payment, the system knows what the current rent payment should be and enters this for you. If for some reason the tenant is not paying a full rent, you can enter what they are paying and the system will automatically record how much is still owing.

If you have a payment that needs to be split among different properties or different ledger accounts (Mortgage principal & interest for example) you just press the "split transaction" function.

You can view entries and if an error has occurred, this can easily be corrected.

PC Property Manager Start | Tour Page 3| Back to Tour Page 1 | >> Tour Page 4

PC Property Manager $195.00 Secure Payment Options

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP operating system or above, Mac users with a Windows partition
PC with Pentium processor
Min 32MB of RAM
Min 20MB of available hard disk space
PC Property Manager has its own database, no need to purchase an additional database.

Download Demo From Developers Site / Purchase MUST be made via this site for special below.

 (Try Out Rental Property Manager \ Details)

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