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Oracle Reports To Microsoft Excel

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Converts html Files Generated by Oracle Report Server to Excel


A professional oracle report to excel converter. It can convert .html files generated by oracle report server to excel format. If you deploy rep2excel on a web-server as a CGI application, you can invoke the program through URL and download the outputted excel file via browser .That means , you can browse you report in excel format via IE just like report in HTML format Rep2excel can convert report not only in HTML but also in HTMLCSS format to excel format. Please excuse grammar, text is supplied by non-English speaker.

The page discusses how to output oracle reports in excel format .If you are an oracle report developer , you and looking for some solution regarding converting oracle report to excel ,You will find that this page will be helpful.

You may be developing and deploying web-based report on oracle report server, and you may want to generate report in excel format to fit your customer's needs , but report server doesn't provide any convenient way to get excel files directly.

You have many choices to generate excel files, but sometimes the excel file is not the one you want (For example, use MS-Excel to convert html to excel), or it is difficult to get excel (For example: use Java). I suggest another way to get excel from oracle report ?

You can get oracle report in excel format easily through Rep2excel now!

What is Rep2excel ?

Rep2excel is running on server side , It can convert .html file generated by oracle report server to excel format , you can download the excel file via browser .That means , you can browse you report in excel format via IE just like report in HTML format . Rep2excel can convert report not only in HTML but also in HTMLCSS format to excel format.

How does rep2excel works?

The current version of rep2excel is a CGI application running on win32 platform . You can execute the application inside Apache server (oracle http server is based on apache server ) . After oracle report server output report into a html file, you can invoke the application to convert the oracle report to excel thru web-browser .

Rep2excel also support command line , please run the program with --help parameter to get the usage !

Quick Start step by step

  1)Install a web server such as OHS ( oracle http server, based on Apache ) .  2)Copy rep2excel.exe to the directory  ORACLE_HOME\apache\apache\cgi-bin\ .Invoke the program by URL http://your_server_name:7777/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe .the software runs, a web page will appear .  3)Generate a report file in html or htmlcss format by oracle report server and save to c:\example\ ,the file name is report.htm  4)Open IE, call the application follow the URL http://your_server_name:7777/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe?baseidr=c:\example\&filename=report.htm into .

 5)Now , What you need is inside web-browser !

limitations of rep2excel1) Now the software is a win32 CGI application, it works on Windows platform only. I won't migrate it to other OS in a short time, because some advanced features (e.g. color) will lost on other platform. If your report server runs on non-windows platform, you can output excel with rep2excel follow the guide below.
a Install rep2excel and MS Office on a windows server.
b Invoke rep2excel and specify filepath=URL. (rep2excel can download files on another server via HTTP protocol).
e.g. http://dali:7777/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe?filepath=http

2) If you want to output excel in ms-excel file format, the server must have MS-Excel runtime.

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