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Step 4: Print a PivotTable Report

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Do you plan to print your PivotTable report? If it's a multipage report, you can set print options to control the report's printed appearance:

         To make it easier to follow the PivotTable report from one page to the next, you can automatically reprint labels at the top of each page.

         To ensure that a logical chunk of the PivotTable report is printed on each page, you can insert automatic page breaks.

The following procedures describe how to set print options for your PivotTable report. After you set the options, you can click Print Preview on the File menu to preview the printed report. When you're ready to print the report, click Print on the File menu.

Repeat row labels on each printed page

1.      Make sure the PivotTable report is the only report in the print area. (To do this, click the PivotTable report, click PivotTable on the PivotTable toolbar, point to Select, and then click Entire Table. On the File menu, point to Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.)

2.      Click the PivotTable report.

3.      On the File menu, click Page Setup, click the Sheet tab, and then make sure the Rows to repeat at top and Columns to repeat at left boxes are blank. Click OK.

4.      On the PivotTable toolbar, click PivotTable, and then click Table Options.

5.      Under Format options, select the Set print titles check box.

Repeat outer row field items on each printed page

1.      Click the PivotTable report.

2.      On the PivotTable toolbar, click PivotTable, and then click Table Options.

3.      Under Format options, select the Repeat item labels on each printed page check box.

Print sections of a PivotTable report on separate pages

1.      Double-click the outer row field button that has the items you want to print on separate pages.

For example, if you want to automatically insert a page break between each type of product, double-click the Type row field.

2.      Click Layout.

3.      Under Print Option, select the Insert page break after each item check box.

Note   If you prefer, you can insert manual page breaks. For more information about manual page breaks, type page breaks in a PivotTable in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the Excel Help window, and then click Search.

More Information

Want to make your printed PivotTable report easier to scan? You can quickly switch to an indented format, in which the data for each row field is indented (similar to a text outline). Also, all the summary figures for a data field are displayed in a single column.


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