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These Excel Add-in Links Are in no Particular Order. See Also: Excel Add-ins

Trading Add-ins For Excel

Convert Spreadsheets In Web Pages

Construction Estimators For Excel

Merge and/or Convert Excel Files

Excel Calculations For Engineers

XLS Converter

Add-ins, Software and Tools for Microsoft Office

AdvancedXL® Designer

AdvancedXL® Data Analyzer

How to create an Excel Add-in

Build an Excel Add-in

How To Create Office COM Add-Ins by Using VBA and Office Developer

FREE Excel Downloads Page with lots of freebies!

Hey! That is Cool! Contributions from our Excel Help forum members.

Calendar Downloads

Database Form, Navigating, Contact, Excel Web Toolbar and more!

Excel Function Dictionary


Spreadsheet Composer

Enhanced Data Form Access to source is not free.

ExTools - Free Microsoft Excel add in download

Stock market downloads

Pop Tools

Shared Macros

FUNCUSTOMIZE.DLL This free add-in allows to customize VBA user-defined functions in Excel's function wizard.

MOREFUNC.XLL 65 add-in worksheet functions (translated from French into English). Examples.xls

AutoChart Manager This Excel add-in links the minimum and maximum values of a chart scales to worksheet cells.  You may also view the help file online

Chart gap for N/A This Excel add-in ensures that all line and scatter charts on the active page have a discontinuity wherever the data point contains a #N/A.

Chart Image to Data This add-in is designed for those instances when one has an image of a chart but not the underlying data. Once the image is in electronic form, this add-in can help estimate the values of the associated data.

Countdown Timer

Digital Clock

Balance Wiz & Fill Down

Custom Radar Chart The software in the custom-radar.xls file allows one to create a radar chart that is more customized than the one that Excel creates by default.

Directory List This add-in creates a listing of a directory and all its sub-directories

. Gantt (Project) chart This add-in creates and maintains Gantt (project) charts.

Gantt functions This document provides a downloadable workbook with two immediately usable functions related to creating a Gantt (or Gantt-style) chart.

Hover Chart Label This Excel add-in shows data labels in a chart only when the mouse hovers over the associated data point (or the label itself).

Interactive Chart This Excel add-in shows the Y or X value associated with the corresponding X or Y value for any XY Scatter chart.

PivotChart Drilldown Written in response to various requests for an utility of this nature, the PivotChart Drill-down add-in does just what the name implies.

PLOT manager This program lets one graph any function that can be created in an Excel worksheet.  In addition, the program improves the typical plot by concentrating its efforts on those portions of the graph with the greater curvature.

SIMULATE SimRisk 2003, the successor to SIMULATE 2000, is a Monte Carlo simulation package written as an Excel add-in.

Solve Polynomials This add-in solves for all solutions to polynomials of up to the 4th order (quadratic, cubic, and quartic or bi-quadratic).  The results (2 numbers or 3 or 4) can be all real or in the complex plane.

Table of Contents This program lets one create a Table of Contents for an Excel workbook.  It uses information within the workbook and within specific worksheets to build the TOC.

Text Write The Text Write Program is a Microsoft Excel workbook with a macro program that writes any sheet of any open workbook to a text file with lots of options

Tornado diagram This add-in creates Tornado diagrams that visually display the results of single-factor sensitivity analysis.

Floating Browser This set of add-ins allow one to browse the 'Net without leaving the current application.  There is one add-in for each of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.  Install the add-in at the appropriate location.

Synchronized scrolling and Workbook windows navigator 

A Excel-based calculator

An interactive graph analyzer

An enhanced find tool

VBA Timer Are you looking for an easy way to add VBA capability that relies on timed events?

VBA Calendar This add-in allows a developer to add a calendar to a userform with almost zero programming.

Array Functions

Page of Excel Add-ins (all in Italian)

Getting Stock Prices into Excel (Yahoo Finance)

XL Grade Book

XL Manager Functions used to solve problems in engineering, finance, accounting, and many other disciplines.

ChangeUnits Understands virtually any combination of units and automatically checks to make sure each conversion is valid.

ASAP Utilities Over 300 additional functions for Excel.

Worksheet Tools

Hidden Sheets Add-in

PivotTable Helper

XL Name Manager


Ultimate Excel Add-in


Matrix & Linear algebra functions

XL Precision

>Inspector Text

XL Numbers

VB Numerical Numbers

>Simstool & Formlist

XL Statistics

Classification Tree In Excel

Stats Add-ins

Smart Indenter


BIG List of Free Downloads

VBA Code Cleaner

XY Chart Labeler

Excel Utilities

Code Documentor

Dialog Converter



>Google Search Add-in

VBA Code Compare

Delete Links

> Excel Viewer

Excess Format Cleaner

Remove Hidden Data

Save as PDF

Save as PDF or XPS

Save As XPS

Template Wizard with Tracking

Comment Control

Complete Excel Names

Duplicate Master




Excel Explosion

POP Tools

Pivot Play

Pivot Power

Quick Date Entry

Send Mail

Random Generator

XL Functions Dictionary


Business Functions

WebCab XL

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