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General Excel Spreadsheet Solutions

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Microsoft Excel General Spreadsheet Solutions - Formula help, VBA Code, Programming, Queries

All projects are based on our hourly rate of USD120 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. On a budget? Try our Professional Consultancy Forum

IF you would like help with a problem, a general Excel Spreadsheet solution, or some advice on how to complete a task, then our team of developers and programmers are all innovative Excel/VBA for Excel experts specializing in the areas of engineering, accounting, financial, budgeting and management, and are located in all corners of the globe.

We can assist with general formula enquiries, VBA code, advice on how to increase the functionality of your spreadsheet, give you ideas on how to speed things up and more.

All projects undertaken by OzGrid.com are thoroughly tested and on-going support can be provided at the completion of the project if required.  Excel spreadsheet solutions

General Excel spreadsheet solutions are conducted via email. Usually we break a project down into small "bite" sized chunks, complete a chunk, test it, send it to the client, fix any bugs, send it to the client then move on to the next chunk, tying it all together at the completion of the project.

Sometimes, but not always clients supply us with a specification, or model. We can also design and develop a  project for a client by discussing their ideas and project outcomes, and suggesting possible scenarios.  All general Excel spreadsheet solutions are confidential and a "Confidentiality" agreement can be signed if you wish.

We can assist with:
Excel Development and Programming
Excel Design and Implementation
Excel Task Automations
Excel Data Manipulation and Extraction
Optimising/enhancing existing Excel Applications
Excel Consultancy

If you would like a FREE QUOTATION, please contact Raina Hawley at [email protected].

We will provide you with a cost for your project (based on the information that you supply to us), a timeframe for completion and any suggestions or comments that we may have that can enhance your final product.

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