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Graphing Calculator


A Scientific, Financial & Graphing Calculator for Windows

Dream Calculator

Dream Calculator Professional is an Advanced Financial and Scientific Calculator for Windows. It provides a fully featured and convenient alternative to using a separate hand-held financial calculator when you are working on your PC. Because it is software, it runs alongside your other applications, allowing you to copy values, lists, expressions and graphs.

A Graphing Calculator

Dream Calculator is more powerful than many dedicated graphing packages. Graph functions and plot list data simply & quickly! Easily export charts & data to your documents! Graphing Calculator Screen Shots

A Financial Calculator

The Professional Edition of Dream Calculator supports advanced financial calculations, including amortization, bond prices, YTM, IRR, MIRR, NPV and much more. Easily plot cash-flow charts. Additional support for European and Canadian users.

For Schools & Education

Dream Calculator is ideal for teaching environments and is widely used in schools. The software includes a comprehensive User Guide and offers unique features for multi-user and classroom environments.

Standard versus Professional Editions

The Standard Edition of Dream Calculator offers graphing, statistical calculations, paper roll, complex numbers, base-n modes and calendar functions. It does not include financial calculations & some advanced mathematical features.

The Professional Edition supports financial calculations, cash-flow charts and additional mathematical features. It includes all features available in the Standard Edition.

Features Standard Professional
Realistic user interface & skins. yes yes
Graphing & list input window. yes yes
Support for both RPN & algebraic inputs. yes yes
Paper roll window shows historical calculations. yes yes
Keyboard input support. yes yes
Run from system tray option. yes yes
Full support for complex numbers. yes yes
Polynomial solver. yes yes
Date input & calendar functions (DOW, DOY, WKNO etc.). yes yes
Engineering mode and display of SI abbreviations. yes yes
Support for international number formats. yes yes
Configurable display precision, including fixed digits & scientific notation. yes yes
Enhanced natural fraction key. Convert any decimal to natural fraction. yes yes
Multiple memory registers. yes yes
Degrees, minutes & seconds (DMS) conversion key. yes yes
On-screen display of input expression. yes yes
Help and keyboard stroke hints on keys. yes yes
Main window roll-up and enlarged view features. yes yes
Full clipboard support for integration with other applications. yes yes
Full backspace & undo capability. yes yes
Financial Keypad Area no yes
Comprehensive User Guide. yes yes
Hundreds of functions supported. yes yes

Graphing & Plotting List Data

Features Standard Professional
Free text input of function expression. Generate a function plot in seconds. yes yes
Reference function name input from drop-down list. yes yes
Two function plots may be shown simultaneously. yes yes
Express number of plotting points in either steps or interval. yes yes
Pie chars, bar charts, histograms, frequency polygons & pareto charts. yes yes
Plot X-Y data as scatter plots, line plots or bar charts. yes yes
Show line of best fit for regression modes. yes yes
Logarithmic axes. yes yes
Polar plots. no yes
Full drag and zoom features. yes yes
Displays cursor position with respect to axes. yes yes
Cash-flow charts & cash-flow list data. no yes
Easily export charts & data lists to documents and applications. yes yes

Financial Calculations

Features Standard Professional
Business Profit (i.e. COST, SELL, MAR). yes yes
Percentage key. yes yes
Compound interest calculation (TVM) registers. no yes
Amortization calculations. no yes
Effective annual rates for Europe & Canada. no yes
Modified internal rate of return (MIRR) & internal rate of return (IRR). no yes
Cash-flow calculations, including net present value (NPV). no yes
Bond price (PRICE) & yield to maturity (YTM). no yes
Return on investment (ROI). no yes
SL, SOYD & DB depreciation calculations. no yes
Simple interest. no yes
Cash-flow charts. no yes
Cumulative cash-flow charts. no yes
Spreadsheet style input of cash-flow data. no yes

Statistical Calculations

Features Standard Professional
Spreadsheet style interface for list data input. yes yes
Supports linear, logarithmic, power, inverse, exponential & quadratic regression. yes yes
Logistic (or Sigmoid) regression. no yes
Weighted (frequency) values. yes yes
Averages, means, standard deviations, modes, medians & standard error. yes yes
Sums and ranges. yes yes
Calculates confidence intervals and normalized variant. yes yes
Probability distributions and critical Z values. yes yes
Suggest optimal regression mode for X-Y data. yes yes
Generate charts from weighted or X-Y list data. yes yes
Shows regression formula on-screen and with X-Y plots. yes yes
Easily export charts & data lists to documents and applications. yes yes

Conversions & Constants

Features Standard Professional
Over 630 physical constants. yes yes
Approx.. 80 conversions (angles, area, energy, force, length, mass, speed, temperature etc.) yes yes
Commonly used constants available directly from main keypad. yes yes
Intelligent PI constant operation. yes yes

Base-N & Logic Functions

Features Standard Professional
Supports 2s complement arithmetic for 32 & 64 bit integers. yes yes
Floating point base-n arithmetic. yes yes
Use any radix from 2 to 16. yes yes
Standard logic functions such as, OR, XOR, AND, MOD etc. yes yes
Big Endian to Little Endian conversions. yes yes
Conversions to KB (kilobytes), MB, GB values etc. yes yes
Byte digit grouping & leading zero display options. yes yes

Graphing a Function > Graphing Examples

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