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Version Comparison

The following table highlights the differences between XLSafe PRO and XLSafe 2003/2007.

In general, we recommend the use of our newest protection interface XLSafe PRO unless you would like to encrypt highly sensitive data (e.g. bank details, payroll data) in which case we would recommend XLSafe 2003 or XLSafe 2007.

  XLSafe PRO XLSafe 2003/2007
Compatibility with all versions of Microsoft Excel  
Allow external add-ins to be used with the protected file  
Easily transfer complex spreadsheets with the built-in XLSafe PRO import tool  
Allow use of external links with other Microsoft Excel and XLSafe PRO files  
Allow for subscription periods during which users can access spreadsheet   
File extension of protected spreadsheet ".xls" or ".xlsm" ".exe"
Automatically encrypt spreadsheet contents at 128-bit  
Option to disable the entire Microsoft Excel interface   
Safeguards against third party intrusion tools  
Protection against password recovery software
Full support/ protection of VBA code
Control access of spreadsheets for authorised users through hardware based activation process
Option to specify "safe" computers to always open XLSafe files without asking for an activation key
Use of DataSafeXL's online activation server for user authorisation 
Use of built-in activation key generator to control spreadsheet licensing
Protect and hide the contents of cells containing formulae, text labels, hard-coded values and blank cells
Easily specify input cells which remain unprotected for users to edit via the built-in XLSafe cell color tool
Option to prevent users from using the printing functionality, copy/ paste and restrict access to the right-click menu 
Easily secure each sheet with different protection parameters using XLSafe's built-in sheet protection tool
Prevent users from using 'Save As' to make illegal copies of the spreadsheet
Option to set a time trial period and/or an expiration date after activation on a user's computer
Easily add headers and footers to all sheets with the XLSafe built-in tool
Distribute as stand-alone files without any dependencies on runtime or .dll files  
Automated backup procedure and on-demand one-click backup file creation
Free technical support via e-mail and telephone including access to online help material and resources

Note 1: For VBA code support within XLSafe 2003/2007 files you will be required to submit your spreadsheet(s) via our secure upload portal.  You can incorporate your VBA code within XLSafe PRO files. Please visit XlSafe Site for details

Note 2: You can also submit your complex spreadsheets via our secure portal in case you would like us to incorporate the XLSafe 2003/2007 or XLSafe PRO interface for you. Please visit XlSafe Site for details


: The VBA code in XLSafe 2003/2007 files is encrypted at 128-bit and is protected against VBA password recovery software.

: The VBA code in XLSafe PRO files is scrambled using the VBASafe algorithms.

: This feature is available only when you purchase multiple licenses of XLSafe 2003/2007 or XLSafe PRO

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