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Other Useful Regular Excel Formulas

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Excel Tips & Tricks Start

1.  Nth particular weekday in each month of a given year

By selecting a year and a weekday number, you can dynamically get a list of dates on which the weekday falls by week/month for the year. Regular formulas were used to demonstrate this technique.

2.  Get random month names

You may want to fill a range with random month names. Select the range and enter the following formula into the first cell
and press the Ctrl/Enter key combination:

Or better yet, name the formula (Insert/Define/Define) and enter the name into your range.

3.  How do you know whether your list is unique?

Do you want to check whether your list is unique?

4.  Do you need a formula to sum all the numbers above from a particular cell?

The range may include blank cells or text values. You will find this formula handy. You may insert or delete rows anywhere above the cell.

5.  A formula returning month names (Jan through Dec).

You need to enter 12 month names into a range in a column or a row.

You may think that you have to write a macro for something like this.

However, our simple formula gets the job done.

6.  A formula returning random dates (mm/dd/yyyy) between two dates.

7.  A formula returning random month names.

8.  A formula returning random alphabets (A-Z).

More Excel Tips & Tricks

Excel Tips & Tricks Start. > Find Your Excel VBA Procedure Quickly From Your Workbook Window & Alternatives to Excel Array Formulas & Sumproduct & Other Useful Regular Excel Formulas & Advanced Filter & Other Tips

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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