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Advanced Filter in Microsoft Excel

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 1) Criteria

This screen shot demonstrates how to use complex computed criteria.

You can filter your list by group automatically by selecting a category.

If you want to restore your list, just select "Show All".

A few lines of VBA codes support this automation.

If you want to filter overall top three products, use the criteria for Filter # 2.

2) Copy filtered data to a different sheet.

Filtering your filtered data to a different sheet is tricky. Excel says it can't be done. We show you how to get around the problem step-by-step.

Part 6: Other Tips

1. Delete or change names quickly without using the Define Name (Insert>Name>Define) dialog box.

  • How to rename a filled range without deleting the contents of the range.

  • How to delete the name, keeping the contents of the range.

  • How to delete both the name and the contents of the range.

  • How to delete a name for an empty named range.

2. How to assign self-adjusting sequential numbers to items in your list.

3. How to make a replica of a single regular of array formula:

4. Navigation Tips in your VBE window:

5. How to locate a VBA procedure quickly in the VBE.

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