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Export Sheets as...

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Export sheets as...  
Do you only wish to export any sheets of your workbook? Use the "Export sheets as..." tool, and simplify this task.
Process is showed below:

1. Click on Export sheets as... button.
2. Choose sheets you wish to export.
3. How do you want to export the sheets? keeping the formulas or changing to values?
4. You should choose if you want to export the sheets to another open workbook or to create a new workbook with them.
5. Besides, you have option to copy the colors of the workbook where the sheets belong, and if you wish, the workbook will be closed after the exportation action is executed.


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Other Features

Extract unique cases
Test the "stratification table sufficiency"
Stratification 1 to 1
Categorize database
Time stratification
Split field
- Split field - By groups
- Split field - By date
Export sheets as...
Sheets manager
Workbooks manager
Freeze | divide panes
Toggle settings

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