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The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel adds real-time probability simulations to Excel. This means you can build spreadsheet models and plans with uncertain variables, then test the effect of that uncertainty on your model outputs.

Beyond the basic simulation engine, the  Add-In has many features for designing long-term, complex probability simulations and generating charts and graphs of results data.

When you get Start ed with probability simulation, you can just use one or two new formulas to get immediate results from your existing models (see our Hands-On Guide). As your models get more and more detailed, you'll be able to use more and more features of the  Add-In.

Long-Period Random Number Generation

The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel uses a long-period random number generator, based on the Mersenne Twister algorithm, suited for running complex probability simulation models with thousands of sample values generated per iteration.

Immediate simulation re-play and seed entry functions allow you to analyze simulations across multiple runs, and create reliable simulations for presentation.

Automatic Histogram and Chart Generation

The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel includes a wizard for quickly and easily generating histograms, charts, tables, and graphs based on simulation results.

The histogram and charts wizard makes generating complex tables and charts easy, with just a few mouse clicks. The wizard can create embedded charts in existing worksheets or create a complete simulation results worksheet containing output values, sensitivity analysis, and simulation parameters.

Tables and charts are automatically updated to reflect the results of each simulation you run, so you can modify your simulation parameters and view the results in real time.

Multiple Random Distributions

The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel includes functions for sampling values from more than 20 random distributions. Random distibution functions can be used in simulations or to generate values for any Excel formula.

In addition to basic random distributions, the  Add-in includes the beta-PERT distribution for modeling expert data, and bivariate and multivariate normal distributions for modeling complex, correlated random values.

Scriptable Simulations from VBA

A Monte Carlo simulation can be run at any time from the menu, or you can use VBA to script complex simulations. This can be used to schedule long simulations, run simulations multiple times and trap results, or test modified values against simulation output. Any  function can be called from VBA.

For more information on scripting simulations, check the install documentation or download the user manual from the help page.

Use Any Excel Value or Function Result

Unlike many simulation packages, the Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel is deeply integrated with Excel and can use any Excel value or formula result as the basis for a simulation. You can run simulations on any random number, or on the result of complex calculations.

This flexibility means you can embed probability simulations into your existing spreadsheets and Excel applications, or create new simulation models based on the Excel tools you already know.

A complete set of functions for analyzing the output of a simulation - including mean, median, skewness, kurtosis, covariance, and so on - are available from within Excel, so you can build a complete spreadsheet to analyze the output of your simulation.

The Best Value

We think the the Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel is the best tool for modeling probability simulations. No other tool comes close to the combination of functionality, integration, ease of use and best of all, low price.

The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel can be used as an entry-level introduction to probability simulation or an advanced tool for generating complex models.

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