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The latest version of the Add-in has been updated to work with Excel 2007+. With this release, the RiskAMP Add-in works with all the new features of Excel 2007+ - larger spreadsheets, the ribbon interface, updated charts, and more.

Using the Add-in with Excel 2007+

There are a few things to know when using the RiskAMP Add-in with Excel 2007+. The add-in works the same way, but these tips can help save some frustration.

Stopping a Running Simulation: Escape

Because of the way Excel 2007+ calculates, it may not be possible to click the "Stop" button when running a simulation. However, you can always stop a simulation by pressing the "Esc" key.

Charts are Slow! 

While the new charts in Excel 2007+ look great, they're very slow to draw. Therefore it's usually not a good idea to allow screen updates when running a Monte Carlo simulation if you have charts on the current spreadsheet.

When running a simulation, make sure the "allow screen updates" box is un-checked. This will allow the simulation to run as fast as possible, and the charts will update when the simulation completes.

Disabling or Removing the Add-in

Because the RiskAMP Add-in uses a ribbon interface in Excel 2007+, there are actually two separate add-ins: a regular Excel Add-in, and a COM Add-in. To disable or remove the RiskAMP Add-in you need to disable both of these. While it's possible to do this from within Excel, it's much easier to simply uninstall the RiskAMP Add-in via the Start ->RiskAMP menu or from Add/Remove Programs.

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