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Comparing tables in worksheets

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Comparing Tables in Worksheets

The following assumes that the information in your Excel files is (at least partly) organized as tables. Selecting Rows or Columns (vertical=rows, horizontal=columns) indicates your file is indeed organized as tables. This is used to decide if rows (or columns) have shifted because of an added extra line. As a result the table properties group becomes visible. Supplying the correct values in this group will enable the comparison process to give better information. Instead of simply returning any cell with a different value, it can now also tell that some lines were added (or removed).

If we press now [Compare] we get much more useful reports (as compared to Comparing Excel files using ranges ). The Analysis Report reduced the information to 4 lines. The Visualization Report shows the original data in the table and what the changes are. Added rows have a blue mark. Removed rows a red mark. Changed values show the previous value in yellow.

Analysis Report:

Missing row C:\projects\agora\VB6\code\ExcelCompare\TestFiles\FileNew.xls!SheetWithTable!A11:E11(11)
Missing row C:\projects\agora\VB6\code\ExcelCompare\TestFiles\FileNew.xls!SheetWithTable!A10:E10(10)
Different value SheetWithTable!D3 20 19
Missing row C:\projects\agora\VB6\code\ExcelCompare\TestFiles\FilePrevious.xls!SheetWithTable!A8:E8(7)

Visualization Report

Rows 1 - 77   (    - Row added       - Row removed)

  A B C D E


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Note: differences between rows / columns in the order in which they are placed are ignored (considered inessential).

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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