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Complete Excel Excel Training Course. Instant Buy/Download, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Online, E-mail, On-line or Downloadable Training for and Excel & VBA

 Self study / Open learning courses - Learn at your own pace from experience not a manual.

OzGrid is is no way associated with Microsoft


NEW!30% OFF! By D & R Hawley of 100 Excel Hacks for every day Excel problems! Aimed at the intermediate+ power user.

Current Special! Excel Training 1, 2, 3,  VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms (Complete Excel Training Course ), only $145.00. $59.95 Instant Buy/Download. *Unlimited licence only $99.95! **Reseller licence only $1995.00

*Unlimited licence allows an unlimited number of people to use, copy and print the lessons. Ideal to upload to a companies Intranet!

**Resellers licence allows you to resell the lessons for any price you choose.

Excel Dashboard Reports/Charts HOT!

Please find below the following:

As professional developers of Excel we are confident we can expand your knowledge of Excel. After all, Excel is all we do! We know the type of problems you will encounter in your day to day use of Microsoft Excel and can give you the knowledge to overcome these.

Why learn Excel from trainers or businesses that can only show what is in 'the manual'? We can teach you the all important fundamentals and foundations of Microsoft Excel and/or Excel Visual Basic for Applications. Most trainers simply don't have this knowledge to share as they have never used Excel on a professional basis, we have! We develop Excel to its fullest all day every day.

We can deliver your training in a method that suits you and/or your business. This can be Online Excel training, E-mail Excel training or the very cost effective Download Excel training or One-on-one/Group/Onsite . We offer VERY BIG discounts for multi licences, making our Excel training VERY cost effective for your business. You can also rest assured we will be able to answer any questions pertaining to Microsoft Excel.


Levels and Prerequisites

 *Please note that the if none of these courses suit you, you are able to pick 10 lessons and 5 workbook examples from any of our courses for the same price.



All Levels $29.95 each

Start Finish and Pace

Lesson 1 is emailed within one working day. Each subsequent lesson is emailed on your request. Simply email [email protected] stating the needed lesson # and course (eg Excel Level 2 etc).


All Levels $29.95 each

Start Finish and Pace

Password for full access is sent within one working day and valid for 3 months, longer if required.


All Levels - See our Prices below

Our downloadable training courses offer a cost effective convenient way to learn Excel and/or Excel VBA.

Read Regnow (our order processor) Privacy Statement! RegNow strives to ensure that you receive quality service, and that also means that the information you provide us is seen only by a select few here at RegNow.


$75.00. $39.95 Excel Level 1 and 2

$75.00. $39.95 Excel Level 2 and 3

$99.00    $49.95     Excel Level 1, 2 and 3

 $75.00  $39.95 Excel Level 3 and Excel VBA Level 1 only

$99.00. $49.95 Excel Level 3, Excel VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms

$75.00    $39.95     Excel VBA Level 1 and UserForms

$145.00. $59.95 Excel 1, 2, 3,  VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms (The Lot)

BIG discounts for 2+ Licences

$65.00    FREE Excel Level 1

$65.00    $29.95     Excel Level 2

$65.00    $29.95     Excel Level 3 Comes with Online Pivot Table Tutorial

$65.00    $29.95     Excel VBA Level 1 Comes with Time Saving Solutions (lesson 10)

$65.00     $29.95    Excel VBA UserForms and their Controls. Comes with Time Saving           Solutions (lesson 2)



All Levels (Location permitting)

(Perth and South Western Australia)

 Please note these prices only are in Australian Dollars.

Start Finish and Pace


Available for Excel VBA Level 1 and VBA Level 2 Students Only

Time Saving Microsoft Excel Solutions is a downloadable book in Windows help file format that contains hundreds of solutions to Microsoft Excel problems.  You do not need to purchase and it does not expire - it is freeware.  Download and use whenever you have the time or need.  It is a great way to improve your Excel skills and find time saving Excel solutions.

No special software is needed to use - just download, run ,and open Excel.  Access from the Excel Tools menu by clicking on the new menu item.  Time savings Excel solutions are always just a click away - you even save time by avoiding fruitless Internet searches!


Having said all the above, we are very flexible in what content we cover in our courses. If there are specific areas that you would like to focus on we can supply any of the above made up from any aspect of Excel you would like to focus on. For example, if you were thinking of doing VBA for Excel after advanced Excel you may like to lean the advanced Excel further towards macros. Or if you have a desire to learn Pivot Tables and they are not part of the course you are undertaking, we can simply substitute one or more lessons for Pivot Tables.

None of our courses have a time limit to them and can be done over a time frame that suits you, or your business. Basically we cater all our courses to suit the individual and/or business. This means we never assume any two clients are alike.


What I aim to achieve with all my students, by completion, is have them armed with the ability to solve real problems relating to Excel. I do not teach in a structured manner that you would get if you went to a "standard training institute". Unfortunately most of these "trainers" have never developed a spreadsheet in their lives! I do not want to show you the ABC of Excel as this is totally unrealistic, real world problems are never as straight forward as "ABC" they are often CAB, BCA, CBA or any other combination!  As a developer of Excel I am fully aware of the multitude of shapes and sizes problems can come in.

Our belief is, you are better off having an in-depth knowledge of few needed parts of Excel than a very superficial knowledge of most of  it. This relates back to the glossy cover you would probably get from a "standard training institute", something you will not get from me.

All our courses are based on quality content and not colorful graphics. My intention is not to show you Excel, it's to teach you Excel! Lots of colorful graphics would make my lessons look very pretty and fill in a lot of white space, but at the expense of quality content! The best way to get the most from all our lessons is to print them out, open Excel and work through each one. But do this at a time that is convenient to you, this will help you to learn a lot more than you realise.

Last but not least, ask any questions you have relating to Excel, I love a challenge!


Online & E-mail Training can commence within ONE working day of receiving payment! For Downloadable and Self-study training please go here

Online Payments Here

For all payments, other than Online Payments, Just send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] stating:

  1. Payment method 
  2. Course(s) and Level(s)

All prices are in US dollars. For all currency conversions please visit our: Cost of Services page.

I hope this information is of help to you, please feel free to contact me personally anytime at: [email protected] and I will reply to you as soon a humanly possible.

I look forward to your reply with a view to expanding your knowledge.

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The Excel Visual Basic Collection   $44.95

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Visual Basic Macros Made Easy for Microsoft Excel $24.95

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Microsoft Excel Tool Kit for  Excel $69.95 Payment Problems?

Free CD on request! Just e-mail your order information to [email protected]

Get the most popular time saving add-in for Microsoft Excel and two downloadable books on Excel macros in one great collection. Save $39.90

Productivity Suite for Microsoft Excel $99.95 Payment Problems?

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Time Saving Add-ins:

Downloadable books (help files format)

If you would like a free monthly Excel Newsletter, then send an email to: [email protected]

Instant Download and Money Back Guarantee on Most Software

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Excel Trader PackageTechnical Analysis in Excel With $139.00 of FREE software!

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