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Utilization Report

This report shows the number of Jobs which pass through each workstation each day.

This report, uses the same format as the Throughput Report and shows performance data of utilization combined with backlogs per Work center by day.

Exceptions Report

This report compiles a list of exceptions, the time delayed of each, and the total number of occurrences and average time delay for each exception type.

Backlog Report

This report shows the number of active Jobs which exist in the system

Shipping Report

This report shows performance data on Jobs which have been shipped. A Pareto chart, showing the frequency of standard Exceptions cited in shipping delays, is available on the Shipping Report sheet.

Job Interruption

The sheet includes a chart of five columns labeled, Job ID, Work center, Interrupt Date, Resume Date, and Comments. During scheduling, any Job that is interrupted at a work center (because a higher priority Job has already been scheduled there in the midst of its multi-day processing period) will be listed on this chart.

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