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Planning and Scheduling

What Noah does, better than any other system on the market today, is enable you to more effectively plan and execute your company's production requirements. Quickly define all of your labor and Work center resources and build jobs. Easily include time estimates and sequence of operations. Print out reports summarizing what needs to happen, when, and what quantity.

Is there a problem meeting the schedule date? If so, delay the Job with a click. Need to change priority and reschedule? Simply reschedule in new order and let Noah take care of the details.

Noah: How it works

The most common processing of the Noah system works in three simple stages.

Default & System Definition
The first stage consists of default definition., including: Global daily defaults, Holidays, Work centers defined, and exceptions list (for automatic reporting on delays at Work centers).

Build & Schedule Jobs
Then Jobs are 'Built' with Customer name, Job Number, Start date, and a super easy method for sequencing Work centers. Next, the newly built Jobs are sequenced and schedules are created.

The user has the freedom to try various quantities, with alternate Start dates, and view the resultant summaries of resource requirements and schedule dates. It is in this phase that capacity constraints are revealed -- as well as when labor and machine resources should be scheduled.

Each schedule can either be viewed on screen or printed. The result of this second phase is an accurate production plan Start and stop dates, and critical time path to successfully meet due dates.


The third and final stage consists of using and reporting on the schedules created in stage two.

By design, Noah does not require updates to actual schedule - but allows you 'by exception' to flag jobs that are delayed and report on the cumulative effects of all delays.

When the exceptions (or any other event) warrant that some Jobs need to be rescheduled, Noah features an easy single click method to remove one or more Jobs from existing schedule, arrange new priority, and reschedule. Easy shipping and comprehensive reporting round out the Noah system.

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