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Increase Efficiency, Make Team-Building Simple. Right People For the Right Job

[email protected]

Tired of not having the right people for the job? Pick the right people for the job, increase efficiency and save money with [email protected], the program which makes top team-building simple. The [email protected] team-building process is a matter of four simple steps (at most!) and [email protected]'s comprehensive analysis ensures you'll get the results you need. [email protected] is completely customizable for any organization.

When you have the right people they're more efficient. One, their strengths and weaknesses complement each other. And their talents are in the right place—on your team. So things get done quickly. Two, you reduce friction and help communication between your workers. Which cuts down on wasted time. And money.

"With [email protected] You'll Have the Right People"

Picking the right people alone is tough. You have 10 employees and need a team of 5 for a certain project. You have 252 possible teams to choose from! And your people need certain skills. And they all need to get along.

Picking the right people with [email protected], a revolutionary new software product, is easy. You'll generally just select the people you want [email protected] to consider. You'll then decide what you need: a team of 5, two teams of 4—whatever your needs are. And then click Calculate. That's it.

The people on your screen will be the right people. [email protected] will analyze each person's strengths. [email protected] will examine the ability of each employee to fit into the team and the reaction of the rest of the team to each person. In other words, you'll have the perfect balance of talent and compatibility—the right people for top results


  • Have the right person for the job, the best team for the big project and the most efficient teams.
  • Be sure the people on your screen are the right people. [email protected] analyzes each person's strengths. [email protected] examines the ability of each employee to fit into the team and the reaction of the rest of the team to each person.

  • Customize each trait [email protected] will examine. They will be the attributes that are important for your organization. For example, if you want [email protected] to analyze writing ability, fine. If you want [email protected] to look at friendliness, that's also fine.
  • In addition to customizing each trait's name and description, you'll modify each attribute's importance, instantly. What's important for one team-building exercise might not be so important for another.
  • Decide on the degree to which up to 20 traits exist, per person. You'll enter enough detail about each person so everything that should be taken into account will be.
  • Each part in the process was designed for speed. Almost every choice along the way can be made using easy-to-use option buttons or selectable lists. [email protected]'s analysis takes place in a matter of seconds.
  • Print your results, or export them as a text file.
  • Import employee data in the Microsoft Access format and save time.

  • Runs on Windows XP or above.
  • Only $49.95.

  • 99 day unconditional money-back guarantee.

  • Free, unlimited technical support.

  • Free upgrades until the next major release

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[email protected] $49.95 Secure Payment Options 99 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

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