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Manage Historic & Current Stock Quotes

Easy Stock Dater

Easy Stock Dater  is multifunctional software with focus on financial users. It downloads free historic and current stock quotes, manages stock databases, converts stock quotes, edit stock data, produce stock symbols automatically (no typing), analyzing and ranking (trading system), in-depth company database, automatic login editor (login to emails, bank accounts automatically), SMTP email client (single or mass emails), clean folders, and much more..

What it does
Easy Stock Dater © is a module of a multi functional application

Easy Stock Dater ©
Download free historical stock quotes

Easy Converter©
Convert stock quotes to all kind of formats

Easy Symbol Generator©
Generate stock tickers & symbols automatically

Easy Cleaner©
Clean directories, delete folders & files

Easy File Renamer©
Rename file names

Easy Market Viewer©
Overview market actions, analyze, rank & produce composite data

Easy Quick Chart©
Chart data with one simple click

Easy Stock Editior©
Edit, correct, browse stock data

Easy Stock Info©
Get in-depth information about companies, funds etc.

Easy Stock Mailer©
Send single or mass emails to your friends, customers etc.

Data download function of Easy Stock Dater ©
With Easy Stock Dater © the user can download free historical stock quotes from many markets around the world

Easy Stock Dater © automatically downloads single or multiple historical stock data files over the internet.

You can download an unlimited amount of quotes. In one click Easy Stock Dater © downloads, filters, converts and passes the data to your desired application

Free data downloads are supported from various sources from the internet.

Data format
The data files are stored in various formats and can be imported to your favorite stock technical
analysis software for further processing.

Easy Stock Dater © supports the following data formats: Comma Separated Value (.csv) for Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets programs. All combinations of ASCII Files for Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets programs. ASCII for Metastock for OmniTrader, Deepinsight
and other programs which support metastock data format

More information

An easy user interface, makes Easy Stock Dater © easy to use for all

Easy Stock Dater© downloads fully automatically historic or current stock data  from the web multiply or single Ticker

Builds fully automatically stock database Data is checked for errors

To update 5 days of data for 2120 stocks on a 12'000 bps (bits per second) connections
(this is a slow Connections, you may get better Results with Faster Connections) will take about 1 hour

Enhanced download Stock quotes which are missed are checked in a different way. Error reports like "Quotes not on server.:" are reduced.

The stock quote format can be selected by the user. The User can create ASCII Text Files, which are ready to convert to metastock format. The data works directly with all programs which are able to read following data layout "Symbol, Interval, Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Others "Data line example "zzz,D,20001231,10,10,10,10,9999,0"

Data work directly with Microsoft Excel. Automatically disconnect internet connection after multiply stock data download. The user can make their own ticker lists or load a factory made lists for Load&Go SM

Included Demo Symbol List
S&P 500
and more

All Lists are fully editable

How It Works

1. Easy Stock Dater® is downloading the stock quote price data.

2.1. The Converter© Module is automatically Start ed and is executing following task:
- Converts Data; Example; the data is crunched to "Date,Close,Volume" or to "Date,Open,High,Low,Close,Volume" etc.

2.2. The Converter© Module is Start ed and the
"Copy Files From Symbol List" Function is Start ed; All Symbols from the active loaded symbol list in Easy Stock Dater are copied to a specific folder. This function comes in handy if you have thousands of symbols in your stock folder database, and you are only interested in some specific symbols.

3. The "Auto Program Start " Function is Start ed; A program you specify is Start ed. This function comes in handy when your software has an automatic Start up function after it is Start ed; for example Easy Stock Dater can do your whole analyzing process: Downloading the Stock Data, updating the missing data to the database, convert the data do a user specified format, then Start your analyzing software.

4. After all is done the Easy Stock Dater can shut down your system automatically.

Easy Stock Dater can automate the whole analyzing process. All you have to do is Start the program and click the 'Download' button.

For Setup Questions we will standby and support you through the task.

It is important to notice that there is an extensive Filter function built in Easy Stock Dater. With this Filter Functions you can select / target only those Symbols you are interested in.

Example: If You are interested in more 'solid' stocks, it probably does not make sense to analyze stocks which have prices around 4, 5 Points or 'Penny Stocks'.

With the Filter Functions You can filter out those symbols which do not meet the set criteria

Overview Filter Functions

Volume Input Filter. All symbols which do not meet a minimum Point! Volume, are left out. If you have a stock which has a price of 5 Points and an average volume of one million shares per day and another stock priced at 10 Points and an average volume of 600'000 shares per day; which stock has the higher turnover in points? It is the 2nd stock. It is important not only to look at the volume of stock, but also to look at the price of the stock.

Periodic Counter Input Filter. All Symbols which have not sufficient historical data are left out. It makes no sense for a technical analyst, to try to analyze a stock with couple weeks or month of data.

Today's Date Validation. All Symbols which last data Date does not match the User requested Date are left out. Stocks which sometimes do not receive new data during the download process or stocks which are de-listed from the stock exchange and  left out.

Junk Price Input Filter. All Symbols which have a too high or an too low Price are filtered out

System Request
Program was programmed and
tested on following system
1 MHZ Pentium III
256 MB Ram
Microsoft Windows Millennium OS
English & German language Editions

If the web pages, from which Easy Stock Dater © collects the data is shut down, suspended,
changes its source format or other unforeseen or unknown events Easy Stock Dater © may not work properly or at all.

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