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Random Functions For Excel


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Z Random Start

Excel Functions

The Mersenne Twister generator and all implemented distributions are implemented as excel formula's and can be accessed in spreadsheet cells and as part of other functions. The ZRandom functions ZRAND and ZRANDBETWEEN accept an optional seed and can return both single cell values and arrays for even greater speed.



The function ZSAMPLE can sample any value from a list of cells.

Bernoulli =ZBERNOULL(p)
Beta =ZBETA(a,b)
Burr =ZBURR(alpha,theta,gamma)
Exponential =ZEXPONENTIAL(mean)
Gamma =ZGAMMA(alpha,theta)
Geometric =ZGEOMETRIC(p)
Hypergeometric =ZHYPERGEOMETRIC(p)
Lognormal =ZLOGNORMAL(mu,sigma)
Negative Binomial =ZNEGATIVEBINOMIAL(r,p)
Normal =ZNORMAL(mean, stddev)
Pareto =ZPARETO(alpha,theta)
Poisson =ZPOISSON(lambda)
Triangular =ZTRIANGULAR(minimum,maximum [, peak])
Uniform (cont.) =ZUNIFORM(minimum,maximum)
Uniform =ZRAND(MIN, MAX)
Weibull =ZWEIBULL(theta, tau)

Z Random Start

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