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Print ASP Source Code - ASP Code Printing Software

Print ASP Code

ASP code Print is designed to print the source of web pages written using HTML, VBScript and JScript. The output can be printed and exported to RTF and PDF formats. ASP code Print enables you to customize the output to suit your requirements by allowing you to select the desired fonts and colors for HTML tags, attributes, keywords, strings, constants, procedure headers, line numbers and page headers/footers.

Product Features

ASPcodePrint provides a set of rich user customizable features that enable you to produce professional looking documentation of the source code behind your web pages. Using ASPcodePrint, you can customize the following features of your output:
Page Layout
Portrait or landscape
Multiple columns
Page and/or column borders
Simplex, duplex and horizontal printing
Paper sizes supported by your printer
Page headers and footer can include project name. component name, project version, printed date, printed time and page number
Page margins
Line Numbering
Each source code line can be numbered
Line numbering can be continuous, reset at the end of each page or procedure
Line number interval can be set any desired number
Syntax Highlighting
Set fonts for HTML elements, attributes, strings, constants, comments and text
Set fonts for comments, constants, identifiers, keywords, strings and line numbers in VBScripts and JScripts
Set fonts for page headers and footers
Connection Lines
VBScript paired statement blocks can be printed with connecting lines
Comments Alignment
VBScript comments can be indented to align with the source code
Script Tags
Script tag Indicators can be printed
Script tags can be highlighted in color
Indenting and line breaks for each HTML tag can be customized. For example, you can control whether a line break occurs before or after "<" and "<".
Export Output
The output can be exported to HTML, RTF and PDF formats
Auto Indent
VBScript and JScript source code can be indented by the specified number of spaces
Monochrome Printing
Although color printing is most impressive, monochrome printing is also supported
Print Quality
You can control the print quality to be draft, low, medium or high
Line Spacing
The line spacing can be set to half, single, one & half double
Output Scaling
The output can be scaled if the printer supports it
User defines watermark bitmaps can be included on every printed page
You can design a coversheet for your printouts in a RTF document
You can include bitmaps in the printouts. Ideal way of including screenshots in the source code printouts
System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows® 95,98,200, ME, NT, XP or higher
Processor Intel® Pentium 166 Mhz or faster processor
RAM 64 MB (128MB for Windows 2000/XP)
CD-ROM Drive Any speed
Hard Disk Free Space 10 MB Free hard disk space
Monitor: SVGA Preferred
Pointing Device A mouse (or compatible pointing device)
Other Software Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Runtime files (Service Pack 4)


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