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Neuro Signal Excel

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Stock Forecasting & Trading Systems Development Add-in Based on Neural Networks

Neural Signal Excel. Only Sold as part of Trade Decision | Visit Developers Site For More Like This

Neuro Signal XL is a stock forecasting and trading systems development Excel add-in based on neural networks. You can also use Neuro Signal XL to build your trading system based on neural network forecasting and then test the system prior to entering the market.

We invite you to try out full working version  for 30 days. If you're not convinced that it helps you make more accurate trading decisions, just return it to us within the 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Neuro Signal XL is an Excel add-in that builds and tests trading systems based on artificial neural networks and traditional technical analysis.

Stock forecasting

The tool helps beginning investors and veteran traders make better trading decisions with its ability to learn patterns from historical data. It informs when to enter and exit positions using discovered market movement patterns and stock forecasts

Neuro Signal Excel exploits very adaptable and precise constructive neural nets. Constructive nets grow and train themselves during iterative price movements analysis. Network construction, training, testing and parameters selection are fully automated.

The creation of the trading system is also fully-automated. Set your goals, define your trading style, and save your time with automated system tuning and testing.

The prevention of over-optimization is automatically maintained with special algorithms that are based on years of research of AI applications in trading and financial forecasting.

Neuro Signal Excel is not a "system" that makes money for you; it is a powerful tool with which you can forecast prices and use this forecasts to create and test your own trading system powered by the latest AI achievements.


Ease of Use

  • Familiar Excel Interface
  • Easy-to-use dialogs
  • Self-tuning of all neural network parameters
  • Automated strategy creation and testing
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Free technical support

Get Stock Data

  • Import data directly from the Internet
  • Update stock data
  • Open any stock data in Excel with automatic recognition of D-O-H-L-C-V fields

Manage and Combine Indicators

  • Over 60 built-in indicators
  • Apply simple, exponential, triangular, weighted moving averages to any indicator
  • Apply change, %change, momentum, acceleration, velocity, lag, etc. to any indicator
  • Forecast price/indicator change, or percent change

Exploit Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced Constructive Neural Networks to model and predict based on historical data
  • Train neural network models to reproduce profitable trading strategies
  • Train neural network models to reproduce profitable trading strategies
  • Prevent curve-fitting with customizable over-optimization sensitivity
  • Train neural networks for price and indicators forecasts
  • Get model buy/sell signal to assist you with your trading decision

Test Your Ideas

Create Your Trading System

Analyze Performance

Reasons to Buy

Whether you're a beginning investor or veteran trader, you have the following reasons to use Neuro Signal Excel:

  1. Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
  2. You get great return on investment by analyzing stock data better than other traders.
  3. You get trading decision support from AI and make money in today's volatile markets.
  4. You get detected trends and price patterns that can't be seen in charts by humans.
  5. You get the power of both neural networks and traditional technical analysis.
  6. You save your time with automated trading system tuning and network training.
  7. Over-optimization is automatically prevented with intelligent algorithms.
  8. You employ advanced technology - constructive neural networks, without the need to learn neural networks theory.
  9. You can test your ideas before you trade them.
  10. You get automatic blind walk-forward testing, which is important to provide confidence that you can get profit with your trading system.
  11. You can get free technical support: you won't have to pay for support contracts or get cut off after 30 days

Neural Signal Excel Trading systems Take the Tour

Neural Signal Excel. Only Sold as part of Trade Decision | Visit Developers Site For More Like This

Special ! Free Choice of Complete Excel Training Course OR Excel Add-ins Collection on all purchases totaling over $70.00. ALL purchases totaling over $150.00 gets you BOTH! Purchases MUST be made via this site. Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.

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