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Why Forecaster Excel

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Forecaster Excel Start

Why Forecaster Excel Forecaster Excel

It enables you to employ neural networks without ever having to leave your favorite Excel environment. All features are easily accessed with Forecaster Excel sub-menu of Excel.

  • Makes accurate forecasts.
  • Performs correct classification.
  • Analyzes your data and handles data anomalies.
  • Builds an optimal neural network to solve your problem.
  • Offers detailed reporting.

Companies that use Forecaster Excel can increase their sales, improve strategic planning, and get new insight into their databases - all with compelling ROI!

Managers, engineers and scientists can benefit from Forecaster Excel almost immediately.
No prior knowledge in statistics or artificial intelligence required!


Forecaster Excel helps solve both types of forecasting problems:

  • regression - predict a future value, e.g. next week sales;
  • classification - predict belonging to a certain class, e.g. high risk / low risk.

Forecaster Excel has been successfully used by companies and individuals in the following areas:

  • Financial Forecasting - using the historical data of a security and technical indicators to predict future movement of that security.
  • Sales Forecasting - predict future sales based on historical information about previous marketing and sales activity.
  • Targeted Marketing - reduce costs by targeting a particular marketing campaign to the group of people, which have the highest response rate.
  • Retail Inventories Optimization - predict demand based on previous buyers' activity.
  • Portfolio Management - allocate the assets in a portfolio in a way that maximizes return and minimizes risk.
  • Bankruptcy Prediction - classify a company as potential bankruptcy based on fundamental factors and conditions.
  • Employee Retention - identify potential employees who are likely to stay with the organization for a significant amount of time based on data about an applicant.

This is an incomplete list of applications, as is the table here . Forecaster Excel can be applied to almost any task where problem can be predicted from history.

Automatic Data Analysis

Your data will be automatically analyzed and put in a form that is most useful to the neural networks

Forecaster Excel gives you complete control of:

Data anomalies can be automatically removed or substituted. Easy-to-understand options allow changing the data analysis process with a couple of mouse clicks.

Forecaster Excel Start > Feature Set > Automatic Neural Network Creation > Forecasting > FAQ

You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering!

System Requirements: Windows 98 or above. Excel 2000 or above. Internet Explorer 5 or above

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Excel Trader Package Technical Analysis in Excel With $139.00 of FREE software!

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