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Net Worth Builder

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS


Net Worth Builder Stops the Tedium From Organizing your Financial Information

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Net Worth Builder

Net Worth Builder removes the tedium from keeping and organizing your vital financial information. It lets you see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly, by helping you build 15 personal reports that all roll into one personal net worth statement. Get loans or other financing more quickly with the presentation-quality personal net worth statement. It will give your financial institutions information they need at a glance.

For whom: Ideal for all individuals interested in managing their own financials and applying for loans/credits. Also for personal financial consultants, MBAs, bank and insurance professionals, and others.

What it does: Calculates, analyzes and compares your personal financial assets and debts. Builds up to 15 different reports, to analyze your persona financials, all from a single menu.

Designed by: CPAs and MBAs with dozens of years of business and financial consulting experience. Design is based on expert financial models followed by thousands of successful business and financial consultants

Make changes instantly when financial conditions change--all your modifications "ripple" right through to your personal financial statement. Make your tax preparation faster and easier by using Fast-Worth's supporting schedules to help fill in your Schedules B (Interest and Dividends) and D (Capital Gains).

Bring all your money facts together, so that when you go for a loan or talk to your financial planner or broker, you'll have all your financial information at your fingertips! Net Worth Builder removes the tedium from keeping and organizing your vital financial information. It lets you see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly, by helping you build 15 personal reports that all roll into one personal net worth statement. And because the analysis is all done inside your spreadsheet, you can access the data easily and provide it to financial advisors in their preferred data format.

Net Worth Builder covers all portions of your net worth - Cash, Notes, Securities, Real Estate, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Accounts Payable, Mortgages, and more. It prompts you through these different areas of your net worth, assisting you in the process of pulling your facts together.

View your data in well-organized tables or polished graphics. Plus, Net Worth Builder produces the clean, crisp presentation-quality reports that banks prefer. Whether you use Net Worth Builder to help on tax preparation, secure business financing, or just to track your worth--we're sure it will help you make the best of your fiscal efforts. Print out a presentation-quality net worth report with the click of a button.

Fast-Worth is so easy to use, you can jump right in and get Start ed. Even a novice spreadsheet user can create personal net worth statements in a flash. View financial data in well-organized tables, or in polished, presentation-quality graphs.

The unique print dialog box lets you print anything in the program with just two button clicks. Take into account often forgotten components of your net worth like: Cash on Hand and In Bank, Notes Payable, Marketable Securities, Non-Marketable Securities, Securities Held by Brokers, Restricted or Control Stocks, Partial Real Estate Interests, Owned Real Estate, Loans Receivable, Life Insurance, Other Assets, Accounts Payable, Amount Due to Brokers, Unpaid Income Taxes, Other Unpaid Taxes/Interest, Other Debts, Debt on Real Estate Equities, and Real Estate Mortgages. Make sure you know what you're really worth.

See Screen Shots: Main menu | Personal financial statement | Distribution of assets analysis | Interests in real estate | Cash value of life insurance | Other assets | Unpaid income taxes | Accounts payable

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