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Inverse Flow Billing Invoice

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System With Powerful Customer Support System

BUY  Inverse Flow Billing Invoice

Every company needs a simple, powerful way to generate invoices, track salespersons work and stay organized while maintaining a record of all customer transactions and sales. Inverse Flow understands this, and this has lead us to create our Web Invoice Suite. A unique and powerful application designed to keep track of your customers and transactions easily and efficiently -- and at the same time generating invoices which can be folded and enveloped right out of the printer.

Inverse Flow Help Desk System New Features

  • Staff can now reply directly thru e-mail (as long as the reply's subject contains the ticket ID#)
  • Flagging tickets will notify users
  • Changed new user e-mail to have similar headers to other staff e-mails
  • Knowledge base categories can now be edited
  • Ticket history now sends an e-mail with tickets rather than displaying them on the web page for security reasons
  • Ticket lookup e-mail added to the custom emails section
  • You can now list departments in the order you specify
  • Different custom fields are now allowed for different departments. Custom fields for the global department will show up for all departments
  • Departments now have descriptions
  • When creating tickets, the department to send to is now the first (and separate) step
  • Admin to admin private messaging
    • On-login notification of new messages.
    • 'You have new messages' or 'no new messages' link on navigational bar (to left of Log Out link)
    • Send and receive private messages that users do not see to other admin
    • View message history
    • Delete messages on command
  • Private ticket-thread comments that the user does not see.
  • User/ticket thread history
    • User can view ticket history in the user control panel.
    • Admin can view ticket history for each user in their threads and control panel.
    • Ticket history generated via E-mail address and name comparison as well as IP.
    • View ticket by clicking corresponding link.
  • Security updates:
    • Fixed truncation problems with file attachments.
    • Disabled execution of uploaded scripts.
  • Security Features
    • Added IPs showing when user makes a post
    • IP/e-mail banning
    • E-mail and spam (UCE) flood protection
  • Added SMS to e-mail customizations
  • Bug fixes and corrections
    • Fixed issue with e-mail fetching & forwarding
    • Fixed escaping in Survey Display system.
    • Fixed file attachments not attaching!
    • Now shows "No Name" if name not specified in emails
    • If email can't be fetched by system, it will forward to global admin
    Close tickets on reply.
  • SMS Messaging & Paging for Admins on New Ticket Creation!
  • Enhanced ticket statistic and reply statistics.
  • Admin create ticket & add reply on the same form.
  • E-mail ticket responses are now functional (I.e. a user can now reply to an E-mail notification and it will be added to the ticket thread.)
  • File attachments are also processed in E-mail notification replies and added to the correct ticket thread.
  • Increased cookie security. Login information is now stored in a more secure way.
  • Printable ticket pages allows users and administrators to view and print ticket threads in a clean, printer friendly format.
  • Satisfaction Surveys!
    • Automatically, or manually E-mail users who have used the ticket system and ask them what they think of the service they have received.
    • Generate detailed, graphical reports based on this information.
    • Customize questioner fields and field titles.
    • View customized reports based on customized field information.
    • Choose several options as to how to deliver the questioner, you may opt to send one automatically after each ticket is closed or to a batch of users at a later time.
    • Opt out users who have already been surveyed by E-mail address.
  • E-mail format customization
    • Customize notification E-mails using variables.
    • Customize E-mail headers and footers.
    • Change actual E-mail notification content.
  • Delete saved auto-replies.
  • Many bug corrections and other small features.
  • Ticket Statistics Information Page
  • E-mail Attachments and MIME E-mail is now supported.
  • Fix infamous swapped-username bug. Username if the tech or admin is now static on login pages.
  • Cookie saved username/password is optional, but now supported.
  • Held tickets are now displayed on main control panel window with open tickets by default. Closed tickets are no longer displayed by default
  • Mass respond to tickets.
  • Mass close, place on hold and re-open tickets.
  • Save commonly used predefined responses.
  • Search now includes custom fields in ticket creation form.
  • MIME e-mail parsing is now supported
  • Reply to a group of tickets at the same time by selecting and using mass reply.
  • Ability to hide departments from the public (good for internal organization.)
  • Browse tickets area will now display only open tickets by default. You can disable this by checking the 'display closed tickets' box and clicking search.
  • Minor bug fixes and other minor features.

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InverseFlow Web Invoice Suite $113.96 Secure Payment Options

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