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Table of Content of Building a Stock Trading Model

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Table of Content

Basic Technical Requirements
A Primer: The Five Technical Indicators
- Step 1: Average Directional Movement Index (ADX)
- Step 2: Trending or Oscillating?
- Step 2A: Trending = Moving Average Crossovers
- Step 2B: Oscillating = Stochastic Oscillator
- Step 3: Timing the Buy/Sell Signals with Bollinger Bands
- Step 4: Enhancing Percentage Trade Success with the DMI
System Architecture
Setting Up
- Building the Directory and File Structure
- Building the Spreadsheet Structure
- Building the Indicator Formulas
- Market Data
- ADX Indicator
- Moving Averages
- Stochastic
- Bollinger Bands
Building the Macro Code. If not familiar with VBA see Excel Training
- Step 1: Opening the Visual Basic Editor window
- Step 2: Writing the Macro Code
- Step 3: Checking the Code for Errors
- What the Code Does
Building the \Signals/ Sheet
- Step 1: \Signals/ Sheet Labels and Formulas
- Step 2: Build the Ranges
- Step 3: Adding a Control Button and Assigning a Macro
- Step 4: Formatting the worksheet
Building the Data Source File
Loading Data from Other Sources
- Loading .CSV or .TXT Files
- Getting FREE Historical Data from Yahoo! Finance
Running the Model on a Daily Basis
- When to Run the Model
- Combining the Signals with Other Market Information
- Money and Risk Management
Common Macro Errors
Backtesting the model

Build an Automated Stock Trading System Start & 5 Year Backtesting Results & FAQ & Table of Content & Take a Tour

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