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EAN UPC Barcode Font Pack


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16 TrueType Bar Code Fonts. UCC-12 (UPC-A and UPC-E), EAN-13, EAN-8, ISSN, Bookland & ISBN Barcodes

 All purchases can be made via Id-Automations site

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering. You will receive fully functional fonts, product manual/help document, encoding software, office templates, sample documents, VB/VC source files (in Developer Edition) in one font pack after ordering. See Also: Code 39 Barcode Font Pack

Contents of Our EAN UPC Barcode Font Pack

  • 16 EAN/UPC Barcode Fonts After running the installation program, 16 EAN/UPC fonts are added to your system. These fonts have been automatically registered. You may use different fonts in different occasions, as you need.
  • Office Templates You can create Word or Excel documents from our office templates and insert UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN and ISSN barcodes in doc or xls documents directly.
  • EAN/UPC Barcode Encoding Software Except using EAN UPC fonts in common Office programs, you may need to display a barcode in other occasions, such as an image processing program, Windows Wordpad or even Notepad. Now you have to encode the EAN/UPC barcode data and choose the right font. 32Tech EAN UPC Barcode Font Pack offers a barcode encoding software (32Tech Barcode Helper), which helps you quickly encode the data and duplicates the font information automatically.
  • EAN/UPC Barcode Batch Encoding Software Except for Barcode Helper, 32Tech EAN UPC Barcode Font Pack also offers a batch encoding program 32Tech Barcode Bat!. When you have to encode and print all the numbers in a list, you can use this program to generate in batch a TXT/RTF file with designated format and encoding scheme (a RTF file can be opened and edited directly in Word and Wordpad).
  • Product Manual and Help Document The step-by-step explanation about how to use our products. The "32Tech EAN UPC Barcode Documentation" is also included. This document includes detail information such as encoding scheme, color, and measurements.

EAN/UPC Barcode Font Specifications

Our EAN/UPC Barcode Font Pack offers 16 fonts overall:

Font format and size Standard Size Font Standard EAN-8 Font Small Size Font Extra Small Font
Standard Format 32TechEANUPC 32TechEAN8 32TechEANUPCS 32TechEANUPCXS
Font with dotted-line frame 32TechEANUPCD 32TechEAN8D 32TechEANUPCSD 32TechEANUPCXSD
Font without readable numbers 32TechEANUPCH 32TechEAN8H 32TechEANUPCSH 32TechEANUPCXSH
Font with dotted-line frame and without readable numbers 32TechEANUPCHD 32TechEAN8HD 32TechEANUPCSHD 32TechEANUPCXSHD

Standard-sized fonts:

When the font size is 12, if you select the font 32TechEANUPC, it will display/print standard-sized (magnification 1.0) EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, and barcodes with 2-digit or 5-digit add-on; if you select 32TechEAN8, it will display/print standard-sized (magnification 1.0) EAN-8 barcodes. 12 is the default font size in many word processing programs (such as Microsoft Word).

Small and extra small fonts:

When the font size is 12, if you select a font with the suffix S or XS, it will display and print small or extra small barcodes that are shorter than standard-sized ones. If you need barcodes whose magnification isn't 1.0 or whose height is shorter than standard, you may try these fonts.

Conversion among barcode height, font name, and font size:

Take the four standard format fonts for example, if you want to print standard-sized EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, and various barcodes with add-on, you can use 32TechEANUPC. Use 32TechEAN8 to print standard-sized EAN-8 font:

Evidently, if you want to print a font with height H, just use the formula below to calculate the font size X:

X=(12 * H ) / height of the font when the font size is 12

For example, if you want to print an EAN-13 barcode with the height 10 ('height' usually refers to the height of the central separating character), and will use 32TechEANUPC font, then in Word or other programs you should select the font size: (12 * 10)/24.50=4.89. If you use 32TechEANUPCS font, the font size should be: (12 * 10)/14.71=8.16. If you use 32TechEANUPCXS font, the font size should be: (12 * 10)/8.14=14.74.

Not all programs support non-integer font sizes, nor do all barcodes have to be 10 mm high. Therefore, you may adjust the barcode to a proper height as you need, then select a font most convenient to calculate the font size. For standard barcodes with magnification 1.0, you can use 32TechEANUPC and 32TechEAN8 directly, which is the most simple and common situation. If you want to learn more about EAN/UPC barcode specifications (such as sizes, colors, and range of magnification), please refer to the EAN/UPC Barcode Specifications/Documentation in our font pack.

EAN/UPC Barcode Specifications/Documentation

We offer you a FREE documentation about EAN/UPC barcodes, including detailed technical information such as encoding scheme, color, and measurements. You can also receive its PDF version with identical content. Please note this is a limited time offer (the regular price is $35.00), we are running right now and it could end any moment as it was suppose to have ended already.

 All purchases can be made via Id-Automations site

Special ! Free Choice of Complete Excel Training Course or Excel Add-ins Collection on all purchases totaling over $70.00. ALL purchases totaling over $150.00 gets you BOTH! Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.

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