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UPC EAN Barcode Font

UPC EAN Barcode Font. Print Multiple Barcode Formats: UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, ISBN(Bookland)

Barcode Sites: IDAutomation


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Barcodesoft UPC EAN Premium Package empowers you to print multiple barcode formats from desktop printers: UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, ISBN(Bookland). There are 6 fonts, a crystal reports UFL DLL and a GUI encoder included in the package. The included fonts have 6 different aspect ratios. They are designed to meet various printing requirements.

UPC-A, as well as its variations like UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8 and Bookland, is the most widely used bar code symbology in retail business. UPCA encodes 11 digits of numeric data plus a check digit. It can be considered to be a subset of EAN13 with the first number system digit set to zero.

When you use Barcodesoft UPCEAN font to print bar code, checksum calculation utility is provided in multiple programming languages.

There are 6 fonts contained in the package as listed below, marked by different trailing aspect ratio indicators. They are available in both true type and PostScript formats.

Aspect Ratio Font Typeface
Barcode UPC EAN Font Mapping
Character Mapping Character Mapping
Start [ Stop ]
Supplement Start { Supplement Stop }
Central Guard | Supplement Separator \
Text Only 0xE0 - 0xE9 UPCE Stop Character '
Lefthand B with HR PQWERTYUIO Lefthand B without HR pqwertyuio
Righthand with HR :ASDFGHJKL Righthand without HR ;asdfghjkl
Lefthand A with HR above /zxcvbnm,. Lefthand B with HR above ?ZXCVBNM<>
Lefthand A with HR below 0123456789 Lefthand A without HR below [email protected]#$%^&*(

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