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Code 39 Barcode Font Advantage Package


Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

For printing USS Code 39, LOGMARS, HIBC & Code 3 of 9 bar codes.

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  • Easily print barcodes as a font from several applications
  • Includes examples for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others
  • Over 15 font tools, macros & plug-ins are provided for easy integration into your application
  • TrueType, OpenType, PCL laserjet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included
  • Contains 24 different Code 3 of 9 font versions in 6 font formats with normal and human-readable versions
  • Supports AIM USS Code 39, ANSI, EN800 and other specifications based on Code39 including LOGMARS and HIBC
  • Custom BDF, FON, AFP, Xerox Metacode, XES and FNT fonts can also be created with the Developer's License.

User Comments

"The Code 39 Font provided by ID-Automation enabled us to ship resources quicker, with less errors and less human intervention. The process is largely due to the 'scanable' Packing Slip ID merged to a MS Word document with the Code 39 Font for the ID Bar Code. Other processes we considered required programming solutions prior to printing packing slips in order to achieve the checksum value required. Using the ID-Automation Code 39 Font, no programming was required apart from setting up the MS Word Template with the required MS Excel spreadsheet." - Al Ebel, IS Manager, Focus on the Family

“For the first time, I was able to download a package that provided me with all the requirements for my project, contained in one package. This font package enables us to efficiently track the high throughput of our vaccine production.” - Burke Squires, Eliance Biotechnology, Dallas, Texas

Code 39 Font Advantage Package Features

With this package you receive 24 different Code 39 fonts in 6 different font formats. You also receive the rights to use the font tools, macros and source code to help you integrate the fonts into your application. Details of the Font Advantage Package are as follows:

  • Easy to Use - our Code 39 fonts are easy to use in applications and can be entered directly from the keyboard. All barcodes require a Start and stop character and these can also be entered from the keyboard. For example, to create a barcode that encodes the data "1234ABCD" with the Code 39 Font, you: (1) select the font from the list of fonts in your application; (2) type the Start character, in this case it is "!"; (3) type the data, in this case it is "1234ABCD"; (4) type the stop character, in this case it is "!"; and then change the font back to the default font of your document. To determine which Code 39 barcode font to use, first print out the ID-AutomationHC39M barcode font at 12 points and other font sizes to determine which size is the smallest that will work with your scanning equipment. Then, choose the tallest version that will fit in your scanning area. Please review the specifications to create barcodes from dimensions of which you are aware of.
  • Multiple Versions Provided - 24 different versions of the Code 39 barcode fonts are provided to support human readable versions and different width and height requirements. Fonts beginning with ID-AutomationH are "human readable" versions. The last characters in the Code 39 barcode font name determines the height of the barcode, with the shortest being ID-AutomationHC39XS and the tallest being ID-AutomationHC39XXL. Because each single font can be printed at various point sizes, there are several combinations of heights and widths that can be produced. If you are not sure which one to use, we recommend ID-AutomationC39M. For more information on this, refer to the specifications.
  • Font Tools and ID-Automation Fontware Included - if you need to calculate checksum characters for Code 39 (such as for HIBC LIC and LOGMARS), we provide the Code39Mod43() function for this purpose. We also provide a Code39() function which converts spaces to the "=" character and automatically adds the Start and stop characters to the barcode font. The following tools are available:
    • Active Reports font library
    • Check digit calculation application with Visual Basic 6 and FoxPro source code
    • ID-Automation Crystal Reports Formulas to allow distribution of crystal reports without the UFL
    • Crystal Reports UFL (User Function Library)
    • DLLs for Windows
    • FileMaker Pro Plug-ins
    • Foxpro Program Module
    • LotusScript Functions for Lotus Notes, Domino and Approach
    • Microsoft Office Macros for Word, Excel and Access with VBA
    • Oracle Reports Libraries and PLL
    • Source Code in Visual Basic, C++, PowerBuilder, FoxPro and JAVA
    • C# .NET Class Library
    • VB.NET Module
    • Star Office Add-in
    • Click Here for a complete list from our font tools website
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility - the exclamation character or the asterisk in the Code39 barcode font is used as a Start and stop character and therefore should not be part of the data in the bar code. For example, If you want to print the data "CODE39" in the Code 39 barcode font you would print !CODE39!.  The asterisk "*" is commonly used as the Start / stop character with Code 39, but this can cause problems because some applications such as MS Word will treat any text surrounded with asterisks as bold text. If you need to print using an Access 2000 report, you would enter =("!"&[DataField]&"!") in the control source field.
  • Space Character Support - it is also important to note that when the Code39 barcode font is selected the space character will not produce a barcode but a space. To print the barcode symbol representing a space you will need to type or print "=" (the equal character) instead of a space character or use our Font Automation Tools to perform automatic conversion.
  • Industry Standard Support - the Code 39 fonts were developed according to AIM, ANSI and European EN 800 standards. The symbology of the Code 39 character set consists of bar code symbols representing characters 0-9, A-Z, the space character and the following symbols:  - , . , $ , / , + , %. The Start & stop symbol is obtained by choosing either "*" or "!".
  • Flexibility - you may also use the parentheses () instead of “!” or “*” as the Start and stop code to eliminate the “*” from appearing in the human readable version of the fonts. The Code 39 barcode fonts should be printed at the correct font size to suit your application and scanning equipment. We have been able to obtain dependable scans in our lab when printing the Code 39 barcodes between 6 and 32 points with a 600 DPI laser printer. 
  • Advanced Font Design - our advanced Code 39 fonts have been specially designed to be able to produce dependable and scannable barcodes when printed at very small point sizes as well as normal and large sizes. Printed with a HP Laserjet at 600 DPI, we have been able to dependably scan our Code 39 font printed at 6 points with the Intermec and Opticon CCD scanners we sell. In addition, the Intermec Sabre 1400 Linear Imager could read this font printed at only 4 points.
  • Extended Character Support - it is possible to print extended characters from Code 39 to encode tabs, returns or lower case letters. For more information on this, view our extended code 39 page. If you need to encode the full 128 character ASCII character set in a barcode with over 15 digits of data, consider using our Code 128 fonts. Printing the full 128 character ASCII character set with Code 39 is not very efficient.
  • Calculated Field Use - Our Code39 fonts can be printed or displayed as calculated fields in applications by selecting the font for the field and using the following formula examples to calculate the field. Tabs and returns can be added (in extended39) between fields by inserting "$I" for a tab and "$M" for a return between fields as in the Lotus Notes barcode example:
    • Active Reports - enter Field1.Text ="*"&Field&"*" to create a barcode in the text field.
    • Clarion - loc:barcode='*'&left(clip(DataField))&'*'
    • Crystal Reports - enter "*" & Field & "*" in a calculated field.
    • FileMaker Pro - enter "*" & Field & "*" in a calculated field so that the asterisk is appended to the beginning and ending of the data from the source field. 
    • Lotus Notes - a formula that places a return function (in extended39) between fields: "*" + DataField1 + "$M" + DataField2 + "*"
    • Lotus Approach - Combine('*', DataField, '*') - here is an approach formula that also replaces spaces with the "=" character as required: Combine('*', Translate(DataField,' ','='), '*')
    • Lotus 123 for Windows - enter in another cell, text data from cell C3:  ("*"&C3&"*") - this formula converts a number in cell C9 to text for barcoding: ("*"&@STRING(C9,0)&"*")
    • Microsoft Access - =("!"&[Table.Field1]&"!") - this formula places a tab (in extended39) between fields: =("!"&[Table.Field1] & "$I" & [Table.Field2] & "!")
    • Microsoft Excel - enter in another cell, text data from cell C3:  =("!"&C3&"!")
    • Oracle Reports and Forms - place an asterisk before and after the data and then apply our barcode font to the field.
    • QuickBooks
  • Multiple Formats Provided - when you purchase a license for this font, you will receive all versions in a single ZIP file. The manual is supplied in a file named "Readme.html" in the ZIP file. The following fonts are included:
    • TrueType fonts are supplied in PC and Macintosh format. The TrueType TTF fonts are compatible with Macintosh OS X and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC. Macintosh formatted MTT TrueType fonts are compatible with Macintosh System 7.1 and above.
    • OpenType OTF fonts with PostScript outlines are provided. These are compatible with Windows, Macintosh OS X and other systems supporting the OpenType format.
    • PostScript Type 1 fonts are supplied in binary, ASCII and Macintosh versions.
    • Also included in this package are PCL laserjet soft fonts in 10, 12, 16 and 24 points.
    • With the purchase of a Developer License and 1 year of support and upgrade protection, we can convert fonts from this package to PCL 4, Xerox Metacode, XES, FNT, BDF, FON  and AFP. The Developer License also grants you the right to convert our fonts to other formats as necessary including TrueDoc and OpenType.
    • For the most up to date installation procedures for Macintosh, UNIX and other operating systems.

Special ! Free Choice of Complete Excel Training Course OR OzGrid Add-ins Collection on all purchases totaling over $70.00. ALL purchases totaling over $150.00 gets you BOTH!  Purchases MUST be made via IdAutomation . Send payment proof to [email protected] 31 days after purchase date.

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