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Research-Desk Professional


Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

File and Document Management

  • Create Workspaces - open and save dozens of web pages and Office documents with a single command
  • Open all documents in a folder with a single command - just right-click and select Open Folder Contents
  • Customize Open and Save Dialogs to show shortcuts to your favorite folders
  • Instant Access to Regularly Used Documents - Research-Desk keeps a list of most recently used documents categorized by type
  • Integrated Zip and Unzip

Integrated Microsoft Office Document Editing

  • Open, Edit, and Save Dozens of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents simultaneously with Research-Desk's tabbed/MDI user interface
  • Supports Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP and VBA
  • Search Workspace - search for text across all open documents (web sites, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)

Business Class Web Browser

  • Browse dozens of web sites simultaneously with Research-Desk's tabbed/MDI user interface
  • Annotate & Save complete web pages use "sticky notes" and a highlighter, even markup and save secure server pages to archive online transaction receipts
  • Save web pages as Word documents - Research-Desk even automatically includes the date, time and URL
  • Use Security Zones - restrict security privileges (Java, ActiveX, cookies, file downloads) for all but the most trusted sites
  • Block Flash and Popups - intelligently blocks undesirable popups, and Flash
  • Automatically stream and virus scan file downloads with the integrated File Transfer Manager (requires Norton, McAfee or other virus scanning software)
  • Grammar and spell check web form entries (requires Microsoft Word)
  • And Much More...

Uses Proven Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Technology and File Formats

  • Use Research-Desk's Layer Manager to create workspaces
  • Open and save dozens of web pages and documents with one command!
  • Annotate and Save of Web Pages!, Even secure server pages
  • Use Security Zones
  • Block Flash!
  • Block Popups!
  • Virus-Scan File Downloads

Get Research-Desk Professional and edit and manage Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and web pages, all in one application!

Turbocharged Edit-Find - Research-Desk Professional's Search Workspace feature generates a clickable list of Search Results across all open documents (only available in Research-Desk Professional)

Research-Desk Web comes with complete instructions on how to use security zones, but here is an overview... Security Zones are simply a way to classify websites (such as or Use Security Zones to indicate different levels of trust - and therefore, security privileges. In each Security Zone, you can customize settings for the security privileges that Research-Desk or Internet Explorer grants a web site. You can customize whether Java is allowed, whether ActiveX controls are allowed, whether cookies are allowed, whether file downloads are allowed, and so on.

In the beginning, all websites belong to the Internet (unclassified) zone - which by default has relatively restrictive security.  As you browse the web, you can simply right click on the status bar and add the current web site to any of four zones:    

Local Intranet
Trusted Sites
Restricted Sites
Internet (unclassified)
With Research-Desk, you do not have to fiddle with various settings in

To add a web site to a security zone, simply right click on the status bar and select one of the four zones from the popup menu.

The Project Summary allows you to record comments  about the project as a whole - look at it is a "cover page" for your project status reports.

Research-Desk's File Transfer Manager streams and virus scans multiple HTTP and FTP file downloads...

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

Excel Trader Package Technical Analysis in Excel With $139.00 of FREE software!

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