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Cash Flow Excel Worksheets

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NPV - IRR Analysis for Periodic Cash Flows Start

With Investment-Calc PRO you can create and manipulate ready to use cash flow Excel worksheets to analyse business, capital, share, lease purchase cash flow forecasts for internal use, for acquisitions, and for calculating best valuation for sale. The program calculates Net Present Values, Internal Rates of Return, Accounting Rate of Return, Share Valuation & Economic Valuations over any forecast period to 15, 20, 30 or 50 years. Investment-Calc incorporates self generating tables, that calculate yearly asset depreciation values for any yearly capital purchase program, prepares tax calculations, calculates annual lease and loan finance costs and repayments, compounds money values and transfers all values automatically into user's spreadsheets to help save time.

The Cash Flow Forecasting template below will help you prepare a 1-15 year cash flow forecast quickly based on annual sales, gross margin, expenses and capital budget forecasts for rapid calculation of Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Accounting Rate of Return & Economic Valuation. With Investment-Calc PRO you can create and manipulate cash flow worksheets to analyse company acquisitions, capital investments, lease purchases, with combinations of term loan/capital lease financing, and calculate daily compound deposit interest, optimise capital budgets and value business cash flows.

Investment-Calc provides a complete library of pre-programmed tables which supply automatic calculations of annual repayments of loan & lease principal, interest payments due, depreciation charges, taxes and timing of tax payments, and enters these values into the spreadsheets to speed up the calculations.

NPV - IRR Analysis for Periodic Cash Flows Start

More Details: Investment-Calc For NPV, IRR, ROI + Portfolio ROR | Cash flow Excel worksheets |  Sensitivity Analysis calculations | NPV-IRR worksheet | EVA & Capital Investment Appraisal | Daily Interest Tables Spreadsheet | PV & Monthly Cash Flows

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