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Investment-Calc Solutions IRR & NPV +Libor Curve



Investment-Calc For NPV, IRR, ROI + Portfolio ROR

Our complete collection of Investment Calc Excel workbooks (97 or above - Windows Or Mac)

Includes a 30 page Guide fully explaining all the calculations and equations required for time based value of investing. Includes Quick IRR –NPV spreadsheets and Future Values.

Our 2008 Investment Return Risk Analysis spreadsheet helps you to set investment goals and determine probability levels of success using Monte Carlo simulations set up for you and ready to run.

The library of investment analysis spreadsheets incorporate present value beyond the cash flow forecasting horizon. With our quick and easy to use spreadsheets terminal values are automatically added to project net worth and included in the real return on capital values.

Quick calculation of your firms cost of capital using beta risk look up values from the database included within the workbook. Your firms or your project cost of capital is the real discount rate to apply to all net present value spreadsheets.

Synergy Value schedule calculates the economic and net present value of the financial benefits of an acquisition or merger.

Insurance buy out schedules value any bond to its terminal value.

This workbook includes lots of Present values calculators, and internal rate of returns of investment project cash flows, future values of money flows, present values compounded between dates, present values of a recurring amount, and present value of periodic investments.

Quick NPV and IRR spreadsheets provide present values and IRR of any project for up to 40 years

Plus rate of return of investment portfolios with any buy/sell patterns.

Zip file download or select CD edition shipping.

Investment-Calc Solutions IRR & NPV +Libor Curve $69.95 Secure Payment Options
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