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Convert Excel to HTML With Embedded JavaScript

SpreadsheetConverter Versions: <<<SpreadsheetConverter  (HTML/JavaScript) | Excel ASP.Net>>>
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6 Excel chart types are supported In All Versions. Click to see live examples Pie Charts , Column Charts , Bar Charts , Line Charts , Scatter (xy) Charts & Radar Charts. In addition, SpreadsheetConverter supports more than 170 most common functions in standard and 240 functions in professional

Overview - Applicable to all Versions

The spreadsheet VisiCalc was the first killer-app. The reason for this is obvious; you don�t need to be a programmer to use a spreadsheet. The nature of WYSIWYG-calculations makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to create spreadsheets.

SpreadsheetConverter  was developed with this same WYSIWYG philosophy in mind. SpreadsheetConverter  converts Excel spreadsheets into web pages that look and function in the same way as the original spreadsheet. When developing SpreadsheetConverter  we have focused on the following:

Benefits of SpreadsheetConverter

Using SpreadsheetConverter  will save you time and money and your customers will receive increased service and better quality. Other key benefits are:

Guided Tour of SpreadsheetConverter

Calculating web pages can be produced both quickly and simply using a combination of Excel and SpreadsheetConverter . The process of producing a web page can be broken down into the following 5 steps:

  1. Create the spreadsheet using Excel.
  2. Mark the parts of the spreadsheet that are to be shown on the web page (optional).
  3. Run SpreadsheetConverter .
  4. Customize the resulting page to fit with your web site (optional)*.
  5. Distribute the web page. Publish it on your website or email it to your users.

*The web pages generated by SpreadsheetConverter  are suitable for use with all common web-authoring tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and GoLive, or alternatively, they can be edited using a text editor.

The whole process is quick and very simple. If you can use Excel, you can use SpreadsheetConverter .

In addition to your 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
WHEN YOU BUY YOU GET 6 Months Free Support (12 Months For Professional Editions)

See: SpreadsheetConverter For Key Features/Benefits for All Versions.

Examples of demos SpreadsheetConverter | Compare Versions | Standard VS Professional | Supported Functions Pro | Supported Functions Standard

The Professional Edition allows you to redistribute your webpage outside your own organization, it supports more functions, and more chart types. It also includes a 6-month license for the Advanced Submit Service, a form-to-Inbox service that e-mails all submitted forms directly to your Inbox or saves them in a database. The email looks just like the web form the visitor filled in.

SpreadsheetConverter  Version & Details Cost Buy Now
SpreadsheetConverter HTML/JavaScript Standard  $97.00
SpreadsheetConverter HTML/JavaScript Professional $217.00
SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Standard  $149.00
SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Professional $287.00



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